Thursday, January 5, 2017

Books for all ages

Every day I make it a point to read to my kids.  I love reading and I am hoping to pass that on to Bear and EV.  Bear has shown an early love of books that I still encourage to this day.  I hope the same goes for EV.  In doing the same thing I did with Bear, I am hoping to get the same results with EV.

I read to Bear multiple times a day and rarely miss a pre-bed book.  It could have been a kids book or even a book I was reading if I deemed it appropriate for him.  I just wanted him to enjoy the written word.

Sights like this were common even at 5 months old with Bear.  I continued that with EV from the time she was born.  Now a days, I am just juggling another kid on my lap and keeping the toddler from skipping through the pages at lightening speed.  I don't mind though since they seem to enjoy it as much as I do.  Even if the littlest one falls asleep half way through Snow White and the biggest gets mad when you pause to put her down.

It may not always be the fairy tale scenario I envision it to be, but it always feels worth it when my kid passes on his favorite TV show to sit on the floor and read.  It makes think I'm doing something right in this whole craziness called Motherhood.  

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