Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Egg Rolls

There is always leftover with our thanksgiving Take 2 meal (AKA Christmas Dinner) and I decided to find something else other than the standard turkey tetrazzini or similar dishes.  After a bit of searching I found Thanksgiving Egg rolls and just made it fit for what we had.  The for egg roll wrappers were not easy to find.  It turns out that they were at the commissary and we just didn't know it.  They are super easy and not greasy like you would suspect. 

I placed sweet potato casserole, turkey, green beans, and a bit of stuffing at an angle on the egg roll wrapper.

Wet the sides and roll.

When oil is hot put in egg rolls

Cook until golden brown

Hubby reduced the cranberry sauce to use with these.  It was perfect.

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