Monday, December 5, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

With new stockings we needed something to fill them.  This is what we all came up with.  

For Me 

This year I asked for some simple things that would make great stocking stuffers since that is pretty much all hubby and I get for each other.  I asked for Cream knit boot cuffs to go with the various boots I have been wearing lately.  Since I finally got a hair cut I have been doing my hair more often so I needed new alligator hair clips.  This next one is one I'm even shocked I asked for, but it is useful.  The old fashioned slap bracelets that light up.  I wanted the pink one for my early morning walks with the kids. Last up you can never go wrong with nail polish.  I asked for a glitter top coat and a matte top coat.  Two of the best that Essie has to offer!
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For Hubby

Hubby had a few items on his wish list that would work as stocking stuffers.  Up first is an expansion pack for cards against humanity.  For a while he has talked about getting a diamond sharpening stone so I picked this one up for him.  Another requested item was a new lava rock pumus stone.  Last up in a wall mounted bottle opener.  

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For Bear

Bear is all boy and very into the typical boy toys.  This is a case of steering into the curve.  A pack of hot wheels cars of something a bit different than he already has.  This isn't the exact pack I picked up but it is similar concept.  Bear has enough trains and track so we went with a train whistle.  He is getting some batman toys under the tree this year and this was a small one he seemed to like.  Lastly, you can never have too many glow sticks.  

For EV

Infants are hard to shop for especially when the are your second kid.  We had so much left over from Bear that we didn't need much so these are the few stocking stuffers I thought of.  All of the stroller toys are just fine for her, but I wanted something that screamed girl to me.  A pink butterfly obviously does that!  I also love hair bows and flowers for EV.  She doesn't have enough hair for clips, but the ones on a band work well.  Continuing the girlie theme, I picked up a larger pair of gold moccasins. Last up, I wanted some bath toy that EV could use for some time.  The sea turtles seemed like a fun toy to me.

For Anyone

These are some small things we have given over the past few years that would make a good stocking stuffer for the family.  I hate to make multiple trips in with groceries so a "mommy hook" with foam over the top curve help make light work of it.  An extra lipstick style battery charger for your phone has come in handy for several people (including us) when you use your phone a lot!  Just check to make sure it is compatible for their phone.  We play cards multiple times a week and Wizard is one of my favorites.  It's not what you would think by the name of it, I promise.  It is a trump game where the wizard is an additional card.  Trust me, if you like playing cards with a group of people that takes some thought then you will like this!  Last up is one I picked up for niece.  She likes playing games, but doesn't have much time to do so often.  This dice game is quick and easy.  She can even play it by herself.  Think of it as a timed version of matching.  

What are you putting in your loved ones stocking this year??


  1. You can never go wrong with Cards Against Humanity.

    1. it really is a fun thing to do especially with some adult beverages.


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