Friday, December 30, 2016

Random Life Update

There is a ton going on lately and I haven't had time to write about it all so I'm going to smash it all into this one post.  If you last to the end then you really deserve a tin of cookies! Or maybe a bottle of wine.


Postpartum is not fun for anyone.  Not only am I dealing with new body issues and clothes not fitting how they used to despite being the same exact weight I was when I last wore them, but now my hormones have gone a bit wonky.  Right around this time with my oldest my hair started to thin.  Well I thought it was bad then and boy was a wrong!  This time it is about twice as bad.  Thankfully, it all came back last time and I hope (and pray) it all comes back this time.  Until then give me all the voluminous hair products!  

"How is breastfeeding/nursing going?" is the most common question I get asked both on here and from those around me.  Two weeks ago I would have to told you it was going very well.  Then my hormones went nuts ( see the bit on my hair ) and my supply tanked almost overnight.  Before EV's doctors appointment I knew there was something up as she was nursing way ore than normal.  Then at her appointment we find out she didn't grow as much as was expected and the doctor suggested we supplement with either pumped milk or formula.  I just started using my freezer supply with the very next feeding.  I let her nurse from both sides and then offered her a bottle.  She drank the whole 4 oz.  Thus I started doing just about every trick I know within reason to get my supply back up.  Just as my supply starts to come back she goes on a nursing strike.  Awesome.  My supply was then all over the place.  One day my boobs think they are feeding the whole town and the next I can barely pump 2 oz from both sides.  I decided that I'm done trying to keep my supply afloat.  That whole process is a lot easier when you aren't pumping much at all.  In fact I am almost all dried up.  *Please do not send me any advice/opinions on whether or not I should have stopped (it will happen) or how I could have kept it going.  I am happy with my decisions regardless of what anyone else thinks.  

Bear is in Speech Therapy now.  He has been going for about month and I am happy to report an explosion in his verbal skills.  He is saying more words, signing more, and even attempting/mimicking words.  The sudden click seemed to happen just as we had him evaluated, so whether the timing just worked out or Speech is actually helping I'm not sure.  He doesn't seem to say much for her, but he says a ton for me.  Regardless, it doesn't hurt to keep him in it as long as the insurance keeps paying for it.

Duke, my pretty boy, seems to be back having seizures again.  I don't know what the triggers are that cause them.  I just know that they thankfully have been pretty mild.  He is getting over them quicker than before since they are small.  However, I am still reluctant to put him on medication.  It would mean a life long thing once he goes on them.  I don't know that a few seizures in a year justify us putting him on medication for life.   Especially when he could never come off them or they would get worse.  I don't like it, but for now we will wait and observe.  If they become more frequent then we will reevaluate.  

We have decided that we are done having kids.  Hubby is even looking into a vasectomy.  Frankly, we have a boy and a girl.  It seems like a logical stopping point all things considered.  It took A LOT to not only get pregnant, but to stay pregnant.  Those last few months of each pregnancy were some of the worst times of my life and I don't want to put myself through that again.  If our family grows anymore it will not be from a child that I birth.

Waiting for a list to decide your fate is not fun.  It's very very stressful in fact.  Hubby is waiting on the Major list to come out. It will decide if he stays in and does a fully 20 years or not.  The plan has always been for him to go until retirement, but that choice is out of our hands.  Both of us are very much torn about what we hope comes of this.  On one hand if he gets out we can settle down and take root.  Maybe buy a home and invest in it.  On the other hand, we can just as easily keep doing what we have been.  It has been working out well for us so far.  I think the hard part or the stressful aspect for me, is the unknown.  Hubby getting out and the transition to civilian life.  While I know we would be just fine, I still worry.  It would mean a huge change and one we can't really plan for until after we know.  Thankfully, we will know soon.

If hubby does end up getting out then one of us needs a job.  Just in case I have updated my resume and filled out a bunch of applications for teaching positions.  Like I said one of us needs a job regardless of who that may be.  I will admit that the idea of getting back into a classroom is both exciting and terrifying.  One I know I can handle, but things have changed quite a bit since I last had a classroom.

That said we are attempting to go through the house and really toss or sell what we don't want or need.  The deeper we get into this the more I feel like we belong on an episode of hoarders.  Not the shows where they have dozens of pets or save garbage.  Just the ones where they have more things then they know what to do with.  Really it has more to do with the lack of proper storage in this house and our parent handing us all our old crap.  Then there is us tossing it into the storage room waiting for magic elves to come sort through it.  They have yet to show up so this half day schedule will be productive I hope.  As a side note... Getting out would me would be able to toss a bunch of stuff.  The boxes for expensive things like TV's that we hold onto for each move or the items that don't work here but might in the next house.  Oh how I am itching to just toss everything!  Yay for decluttering! 

Evie was baptized earlier this month.  We took a trip to Virginia and got it done at the same church, by the same priest that baptized Bear.  I'm hoping to write more about it or at least share some photos.  Until then here is a sneak peek I guess.  

We also took a trip to New York for Faux Christmas.  Again something I hope get around to writing about.  Most of my family made it over to my Dad's house despite the storm.  We had a great time especially sleigh riding with Bear! 

This works for now because the toddler got a little too quite.  


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