Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Birthday/Christmas List

Since my Birthday and Christmas fall in the same month I usually make one list.  Here is whats on my list this year.  I'm not expecting to get all of these as it's just some ideas for people if they need them.

I already talked about the Hunter boots I want Here, But these are a few other on the list.

Cookbooks - 
My love for cookbooks is not surprising as there is always at least one on every gift list I make.  This year is no exception.  These are at the top of my list!  Especially the Mary Berry cookbook.  I love Mary Berry.  She is simply fabulous and reminds me of my Grandma.  The other cookbooks are ones I have been checking out as well. Anyone have these?  Are they worth the buy?

Starbucks Mug and/or Ornament - I am not expecting all of these as I don't need that many mugs, but I have been picking up pretty mugs every year around this time.  Pretty mugs make coffee better if that is even possible.

Crochet items - While I don't need any crochet items it doesn't keep me from looking.  There are few hooks that I could use that are harder to find for my set that I can't find in store.  Also on here is an new case with storage for some of the extra stuff like yarn needles an markers.  The books below were ones I have borrowed from friends and they would be nice useful for times when I get bored.

NES Classic Edition with accessories - This is a total geek moment for me.  I loved the NES growing up and this seems to have most of the games that I loved as a kid on it.  While I wish they allowed you to play the original games as well, this will do.  I don't get much time to play games often with two kids and a busy schedule, so this will do.  I should mention that the hype for this reminds me of the Naked Palettes and I'm more than willing to wait until the hype dies down to get any of these.

Makeup - Seriously, You all know I couldn't leave this area off my list.  These are my top picks for the makeup "gifts" out there.  The Naked Ultimate Basics, They're Real gift set, Buxom Lip set, Sephora Brush Roll all look good to me.  Of these, the brush roll is likely the best kept secret.  They make a great brush roll in my opinion.

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What is on your list this year?

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