Friday, December 9, 2016

Gift Ideas for my kids

Most kids are usually easy to shop for.  Bear has many interests so we just piggy back on that. EV is another story.  She is a bit harder to shop for since she is so little and we have a lot left over from Bear.  Still we managed to find a few things.  The way we work it is that we buy the big items and leave some of the smaller ones for family.   Here is the list of ideas we sent out. 

For Bear

Imaginext Batman toys - He is getting into the whole super hero thing and so we picked up a bat cave and a joker fun house for him.  To go with this we suggested they could get him a few of the smaller sets of characters or vehicles to go along with it.  

Melissa and Doug Hand Puppets - Bear is talking up a storm lately!  I'm hoping that maybe a set or two of hand puppets could be a way to encourage him to do that. 
Source, Source, Source, Source

Little People Play set
- Bear loves his little people play sets and so why not add to what he has.  We have a farm and a castle already, but he seemed to like the camper set when he saw it in the store.  The animal tree house is kind of another easy pick for him as he loves animals. 
Source, Source, Source
Books - I like to always put books on any gift list for my kids.  He likes ready and does lean towards specific authors or topics.  He loves the "bear series" by Karma Wilson and adding those will likely make them instant favorites. 

For EV

Exersaucer - This is something I wanted to get for Bear but his inability to tolerate various forms of movement involved with the exersaucer made it a dumb choice for him but a great one for EV.  She loves movement and would much rather be standing or sitting up the majority of the day.  No she will not just be plopped in this for the day, come people that's just wrong.  I do think some time spent in this while I work on dinner or fold some laundry wouldn't be a bad idea.  Yes I know this a more expensive item to ask a family member to pick up, but my father specifically likes to get the kids big gifts.  This one went directly to him.

Mermaid Playset - I wanted a spill and fill type toy for her that was girlie.  I had seen a few at bass pro shop (not this one) and had mentioned them to a friend.  She then told me about this one and raved about how much her daughter loves it and still uses it.  Sold! On the list it went.  


Small Toys - We needed some small toys for EV.  The Taggie elephant seemed cute and so does the bouncing elephant.  EV likes Bear's Scout doll, but Bear is not thrilled with it.  Hence the Violet Doll.  I hate toys that make noise, however I kinda like this little turtle one.  I may or may not regret this one later on.  

Books - Once again more books.  I'm fine with having tons of kid books.  I love touch and feel books for infants.  Textures are great.  I try not to limit books for the kids to just within their age range.  They may not get the plot but they do seem to enjoy being read to.  Why not get her some older books like Olivia?

What are you looking to get your kids?


  1. It's so fun shopping for kiddos! We didn't get a whole lot for E this year but it sure was fun.

    1. The older they get the more fun it is to shop for them.

  2. We got puppets for our kids too! They're the best.

    1. I was looking for something a bit different from what he has that is a bit more of an imaginative play. EV got a puppy puppet and he really liked it so why not give it a try!


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