Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dear EV (Dec 2016 - Five Months Old)

Dear EV,

Another month with my sweet baby girl.  Where to start, because it feels like so much has happened.  Let's jump in with how you have grown!  I spent the end of November and early December switching out your wardrobe and getting you used to formula.  I am so very thankful that both tasks seemed relatively easy.  Almost too easy.  All the clothes started out feeling massive on you, especially the 6 mo sleepers.  However, lately they don't feel as huge as before.  I'm not ready to dive into the emotions that come with packing up the clothes you have outgrown just yet.  That said, you have more than just physically grown this month.

You have gotten better at sitting up on your own and really engaging your core muscles to hold you up.  When you get really excited you forget everything altogether and flop to the side or backwards.  The time you spend on your belly has been clearly beneficial as you are pushing up on your elbows and even your hands.  You also attempt to army crawl but aren't very successful.  To get around you roll and turn yourself by kicking.  

OK onto your current stats:

Weight:  14 lbs 4 oz (birth weight: 6 lbs)

Length:   25.25 inches (birth length: 19 in)

Diaper size: I feel like I need to maybe move you up here to a size 2, but you aren't quite there yet.  They are a bit to big and I think I would get lots of leaks.  I have however been using the small cloth diapers with you.  They are a great fit and makes it easy for diapering you.  I still do them part time.  Whenever we are out I put you in disposables.  

Clothing size:  3-6 mo and 6 mo clothing is what you are currently in.  Like I mentioned above 6 mo sleepers seemed massive at first, but not so much lately.  You keep growing and the more clothes I pack away the more I wish you would slow down!

Feedings/eating:  Oh boy a lot has changed in this area.  You are no longer just receiving pumped milk.  Long story short my supply tanked and you went on a nursing strike of sorts.  I pump what I can and you get that first and if you need more than that you get formula.  Thankfully you haven't been too picky when it comes to bottles or even formula for that matter.  You just seem happy to be full.  

Likes:  Much like your brother you seem to like animals.  Most kids do.  You LOVE your fox stroller toy and the smaller ones that rattle.  The new exersaucer seems to be a big hit for you as well as long as we stabilize the bottom so it doesn't wobble around.  I think its just a lot of different movements for you at this age.  

Dislikes:  You have some pretty standard dislikes for your age.  Being put down without anything to keep your attention for a long time.  

Funny/Cute moments:  Finally a month where a stand out moment with you didn't involve poop!  It only took 5 months lol. While at your brothers Speech Therapy appointment you were pretty content in your car seat, but were babbling away.  You were trying to repeat any noise you heard from anyone.  Your brother races out into the waiting room runs over to you and says "you cute" making all the women in the room and you smile.  His teacher tells me that that was the first thing she has heard him say the whole time.  To which you babble away just like you have been.  She bends down and starts talking to you saying she likes your outfit and you puke all over it then giggle.  So no poop but lots and lots of puke.  I swear girl your brother hasn't had this many standout moments involving gross things. 

Doctors Appointments:  No real check up this month for, but the doctor wanted you in for a growth check.  Meaning you get weighed and measured to make sure you stayed on trend with where you were supposed to be.  

Baptism:  This month we had you baptized at the same church, by the same priest as your brother. You were extremely well behaved and even slept the last bit of the service.  After we went back to your grandparents house for brunch and cake.

 Christmas:  This was a low key year.  We stayed at home just the family.  You seemed to enjoy your new toys and watching your brother open and play with his toys.  

Looking Forward:  I am looking forward to the day that I walk into your room and see you standing there holding onto the side with that big grin you always greet me with every morning.  



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