Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Recap

  Lets make this quick since many people have already packed up their Christmas decor already.

Santa arrived at our house and neatly laid out all the gifts under and around the tree.
 I didn't want to wake up to find all the gifts unwrapped and Bear asleep In the middle of the pile.  Hence, the gate outside the door. 

Stockings were also filled then picked up off the floor because 2 of them were too heavy for the hooks. Any ideas on what we can weigh them down with?  The deer work, but they aren't that heavy.


Bear slept in so we got EV up and fed before waking him up at almost 7:30am.  In the mean time, I snapped pics of the pups in front of the tree.

Bear woke up pretty grumpy then got all excited after seeing the tree.  He bee lined to the exersaucer and started playing with it.  I insisted on a photo of the kids.  This is the best we got and I'll take it.  The rest Bear looks disgusted that we had asked such a terrible task be done when presents were waiting to be opened.  

We started with the stockings.  They can be done whenever he wants.  For now it's an easy place to start and keep him occupied while we get our act together in the morning. 

I am apparently a mean parent and make him eat breakfast before opening the gifts under the tree. I doubt he would have cared about them if it weren't for the first gift being a truck.  

Once he realized that they were gifts for him that he liked he was over the moon.  Yet still patient enough for us to help him take some of the gifts out of the packaging.

To help I kept my toolbox set near by along with my knife.  Though I think more companies should use the turn knobs like the ones below!

We didn't forget about the pulse. They each got a  huge dog bone treat that they spent about an hour working on.

Nap time went well with both kids down at the same time. We hung outside and smoked a turkey for dinner while drinking a few beers.

Bear woke up ready to open more gifts and well EV woke up like this....

She cheered up after some snuggles and time in her exersaucer.  This little girl loves to stand!

Bear even helped clean up while EV went down for another nap.

The rest of the day was spent playing, listening to music, and eating delicious food.

Here is a quick photo recap of some of what we got...










Overall a great day!  I look forward to next year when EV can actually participate in opening her gifts and eating the yummy foods! Christmas is done so Cheers to the new year!  


  1. What a great Christmas you all had! :)

  2. I have given up on stocking hooks to hold a full stocking, we put them at the table by everyone's seat so they kids can play with their stuff while we make breakfast. It sounds like you guys had a great Christmas!

    1. We may have to do that since they always seem to fall when full.


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