Saturday, December 10, 2016

Blended Traditions at Christmas Time

When you get married no one tells you how to blend together holiday traditions.  You fumble your way through it the first couple of years, but when you have kids I think you feel a pressure to keep up certain traditions.  That's when you really start to pick and choose what you like and want to keep doing.  We don't have a ton of traditions, but there are some we want to keep doing or make into our own.  

A story a day until Christmas - 

This is something that Hubby used to do growing up.  Is just what it the title says, "A Story A Day Until Christmas."  There are some fabulous stories and there that I look forward to reading every December. My favorite being the "The Tree That Did Not Get Trimmed."  

Real vs fake trees

Growing up we both always had a real tree in our home.  I hoped we could continue that tradition in our own little family.  That said we did this a few time and while I really love the look of a real tree, sometimes it's just not practical especially when we are traveling a lot.  So we bought a rough looking tree on a whim on Black Friday years ago.  We have used it ever since on and off as needed.  Once we stop traveling so much around the holidays we want to make the effort to make sure it is a real tree.

New Ornaments

Like most military families we typically buy location themed ornaments with each new place we have lived.  An ornament that represents our current state or maybe one day country (one day).  For example, our Louisiana ornament was Papa Noel riding an alligator or for Alabama we picked up a football/snowman with AU logo on it.  Each new place comes a new ornament.   I love looking at them and remembering how we got them or the years they represent.  In general though we pick up a new ornament every year even if it's not location related.  

Snack Plate Dinner - Every year hubby's family would do a big early dinner before midnight mass.  When they came home the would be hungry and so they did a snack plate dinner.  They have small appetizer style snacks and some desserts.  He loved this and I have to say I don't mind this one at all!   

Cookies and treats abound

Through the years I remember there being tons of homemade baked goods from Halloween through New Years.  I love baking so of course I would keep this tradition up.  I have added in many of the recipes Hubby enjoys so it's not just the ones I am used to making.  

Stockings first -

 Growing up my family was allowed to open the stockings whenever we wanted to.  Be it 2 am after Santa arrived or before breakfast on Christmas morning.  I always chose first thing in the morning when I woke up.  My brother always woke up and opened his in the middle of the night.  We weren't allowed to wake up our parents just yet, but I got to open some presents whenever I wanted to!  This is something I wanted to keep for my own kids.  On the flip side you only get to open the gifts under the tree after breakfast.  Yes, I will make my kids wait until after they are dressed and have already eaten breakfast before any presents under the tree are touched.  

I'm sure these will evolve over the years.  When kids get older and situations change you do as well.  I'm interested to see what stands the test of time with us.  


  1. While I love the idea of real trees we can't have one because of Fishy, they are toxic to cats. Boo.

    1. I grew up with a real tree, but I am starting to really like having a fake tree. Hopefully, we can get a better quality fake tree in the near future.

  2. We always were allowed to do stockings whenever we wanted too. It was my fav. :) We have to eat breakfast before presents but we still stay in PJs all day.

    1. We let the kids stay in Pj's this year because we didn't have any visitors. It worked so well I may keep that again next year.


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