Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Recap

This year was a very low key Halloween for us.  I did simple decorations and we really didn't do much in the way of celebrating.  However, after a jam packed few weeks, I'm happy with the easy going holiday.  It was just as enjoyable as just what we needed.

The kids and I spent the morning with my father.  He was able to stop by on his way home from the races to see the kids.  They had a great time playing Bear played with the cars on his car rug with Grandpa while I made breakfast for everyone.  After breakfast we spend about a half an hour outside before Grandpa had to be on his way.  We said our goodbyes then played until lunch.  After lunch we read a few Halloween kids books then it was off to be bed for both kids. 

Like last year we went with Non-Food treats.  In part to support the Teal Pumpkin Project.  The other part is because we were warned by neighbors that this area is notoriously inconsistent with the number of trick or treaters.  Some years you get a ton of kids and some years you get twenty.  Last year we had a bunch of trick or treaters running around.  This year we maybe got 20-30 if that.  When we do non food treats we can save them for the following year.  Now if there were a steady flow of kids every year then we would easily buy candy, but for now we will stick with this.   

Much like last year we picked up more of the favorites.  Vampire teething, glow in the dark anything and bubbles were big hits with kids of all ages.  The witch fingers seemed to go over well with the older crowd of kids that came by.  Who knew?

When it came time to go out and collect his candy, Bear threw a fit about wearing the monkey costume.  We weren't even trying to get the pants on him as it was way to warm out for that.  He wasn't having any of it.  I personally do not believe in taking a kid our trick or treating if they aren't going to wear a costume of some sort, so in a last ditch effort I grabbed the top from the Dino costume he wore the last two years.  That he seemed fine wearing.  It was small on him but it was something.  

Since our neighborhood is made up mostly middle and high school kids very few people seem to decorate.  The neighbor to our right went all out.  They had several blow up ghosts like the one below, Halloween lights, jack o lanterns and they even wore creepy costumes to hand out candy.  Over all Bear loved to see this house.  He stopped and stared at this ghost for a long time before timidly walking up to it and touching it.  Aside from that one moment he really didn't get scared by anything. 

This year Bear actually understood Halloween or at least the trick or treating portion of it.  By the fifth house he was saying "please" to get the candy and "thank you" after it dropped into his bucket.  This was of course as long as we were not lumped in with a bunch of people.  Bear did far better when we lagged behind the crowd of people. 

The original plan was to hit up a few houses in our neighborhood then head back to the house.  When we made it back there we waited while Hubby passed out candy to the large group of kids.  Bear got antsy, pointed to the neighbors house and said "Go" so of course we went.  He then repeated this about 6 more times until I caved in and we walked most of the neighborhood.  I figured we would keep going as long as he wanted to go.  I was just fine with that. 

As you can see he made out like a bandit.  The older women loved him and how polite he was with his please and thank you's.  Bear has more candy than he knows what to do with.  He will get a piece or two when he is good or finished all of his dinner until it is gone.  

After all of the houses around us had closed up shop, we took a drive across town to see the infamous "music Halloween house."  The guy who owns this house is known for his display and "singing" house.  He plays a few different songs on a loop and these 3 faces sing along.  You all have seen similar ones for Christmas. 

It was a cute set up.  The smartest part was the radio signal linked to his music.  The actual music played very low.  I'm positive the neighbors loved this as the same 3 songs on repeat loudly would drive me bonkers over time.  

 Once back home, hubby and I watched Hocus Pocus after putting the kids to bed.  Overall not a bad time. 


  1. Sounds like you had a great Halloween! :) He definitely made out like a bandit. :)

    1. For it being low key, it was very enjoyable!


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