Monday, November 28, 2016

Dear EV (Nov 2016 - Four Months Old)

Dear EV,

Another month with you and I am starting to get the feeling that you are going to give me a run for my money! I'm not sure if it that you like things just so or that some of the things you do remind me of, well, me. Heaven help me if the latter is true!  Really though you seem to just like things a certain way.  Your position in the crib or the specific toy you want to name a few.  I am starting to get better at recognizing in advance the things that will set you off, but some just can't be helped.  Our house will never be as quiet as I'm sure you wished it would be when you are on your tummy trying to reach for a toy.  The puppies or Bear will make noises and break your concentration distracting you from what you are doing.  I can't help that though kid so it's one you will need to learn to be more tolerant of.  Over this past month I have seen some improvement here.  You have grown more accustom to the outburst from them.  It now takes 3-4 shrieks/barks before you cry.  

 The cold weather is starting to show but it doesn't seem to bother you one bit as long as I don't over dress you.  Much like your father and brother you seem to run a bazillion degrees hotter than the average person.  This means when dressing you I try go for layers as I'm bound to put on one too many based on my own preference.  

Speaking of the great outdoors, you love being outside.   I hardly ever hear a cry from you if we are on a walk or just in the backyard relaxing.  I hope that you continue to like those things the older and more active you get!  I really hope that you don't become one of those hermit type of kids I see now a days.  (Eek that made me sound old!). Since the cooler weather is here to stay you can bet we will be spending a lot more time outside!  Don't even think the snow will deter us, because it won't! 

If something is going on you want to be in middle of it or at the very least have a close eye on the situation.  Sitting up and even briefly standing (while assisted) are the best ways for you to do that.  If you could join in I'm positive you would.  It won't be too long before you are in the mix of that crazy bunch as you are already making serious attempts at crawling!  Honestly kid I'm blow away by that one.  You have on more than one occasion wiggled, pulled and kicked your way closer to a toy on the other side of the play mat.  It took you a full 30 minutes, but your determination never wavered!  

As far as growth goes you haven't physically gotten bigger but developmentally there haven't been many stand out moments.  You seem to be trying to master the skills you already have this month.  You roll over significantly better than you used and can hold up your head for long periods of time.  

OK onto your current stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 12 oz (birth weight: 6 lbs)

Length: 23.5 inches (birth length: 19 in)

Diaper size: Your diaper size is still size 1 for disposables.  As far as cloth diapers go, you have moved out of newborn diapers and into the size small diapers.  

Clothing size:  EV you are in size 3 mo and even some 3-6 mo clothing.  You have outgrown 0-3 month stuff about a week or so ago.  Much like your brother, i think you will grow out of things length wise first.  Feel free to slow down the growing!  

Feedings/eating:  There is no change here.  I am still nursing you regularly.  Much to your dismay you do get a bottle of pumped milk randomly 4-5 times a week.  I am hoping that you get used to taking a bottle so that I can go out on occasion and get a pedicure! Even a cup of coffee and a stroll around target would work.

Likes:  Movement and a view are key in keeping you happy.  Like I said earlier you like to see what is going on.  If I'm cooking in the kitchen you want the high chair pulled up so you can see me.  If Bear is chasing the pups around the backyard you want to be front and center to track the movement!  This goes for times in the car seat as well. If you can't see what's going on you better be moving to rock you to sleep.

Dislikes:  Obviously standing still you are not a fan of!  At a recent appointment I put you in the carrier and thought I could sit down but boy was I wrong!  You cries until I started to pace. 

Funny moments:  oh boy.  Another month and yet another bowel moment comes to mind.  I won't go into full details, but I will say this; I don't know what it is about trips to the zoo, but you always have massive bowel movements the second we return to the car!  I'm thankful they only occur once we have completed the trip, but wow girl!  Every time, no fail!!  The extra change of clothes for each of us has come in handy more than emergency clothes should be used.  At least for me personally. 

Doctors Appointments: 
Your doctors appointment was this morning!  The check up went well, but your growth has slowed down.  The doctor is fine with that for the time being but would like us to come back in a month to see if it is just from you dropping your midnight feeding or preparing for a growth spurt.   Additionally, we are just monitoring your right eye lid.  Much like in the picture below you sometimes don't open it fully or it is swollen.  Your eye hasn't been goopy in several weeks so it isn't a clogged tear duct or at least its not shows many signs of it.  Some days are better than others and for the most part I only really notices it in pictures.  Hopefully this just goes away.

We had two holidays included in this monthly letter since the month starts on the 28th.  The first one I'm referring to is Halloween.  The plan was to put you in the cute banana costume and your brother to be in the monkey costume.  He refused to wear his so I wasn't about to torture you as well.  Instead you wore one of the Halloween outfits we had on hand. 

Technically you were not going to go out so the outfit worked just fine.  You stayed at home with Daddy while I took Bear trick or treating.  Thankfully you didn't mind this at all!

The next holiday was Thanksgiving.  We stayed home this year which we were all happy about.  We spent the morning going for a drive to get coffee and taking in the cooler weather.  When we came home you napped in your chair while we cooked.  It was a pretty standard day with an extra delicious meal! You wore your brothers old thanksgiving onesie and I added a bow to girl it up or maybe because if I didn't I'm not sure I would know the difference looking back at the pictures!  

Looking Forward:  I am still eagerly looking forward to Christmas!  Yes, we started wearing Christmas Jammies early this year.  Bear liked to unwrap gifts and I'm hoping you are that way as well.  

Love, Mama 


  1. How is she already 4 months old?! Gosh time has flown by.

    1. Time is flying by! Our kids need to slow down.


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