Saturday, October 8, 2016

Nursery Room Art

EV's room needed some art work on the walls.  I was cheap and decided to do it on my own.  Between a small trip to Michaels and my craft closet I had everything I needed.

Hubby helped me out by painting the base coats as EV needed to eat.  I picked a White Pearl color paint.  It gave a bit of a metallic effect to the canvas. 

When that dried we each took a canvas and added tape to it.

This is mine.

This is hubby's canvas.

We then each picked a color and painted away. 

 The tape was old and started bubbling which obviously caused problems.  
Note to self: use new tape!

The blank spots were on purpose as I wanted both canvases to have to some of each color paint on it.  I went and added the opposite colors to each canvas while Hubby took care of EV.

I had some streaks on mine that I needed to go back over.  I did this right away.  

The next obvious step is to take the tape off.  This can be done two ways.  While the paint is still tacky you can carefully peel it off and let it dry overnight.   The other way is to let it dry and add heat to help the tape come off clean.  Since we let it dry when we did Bears paintings it seemed smart to do that again.  I used a hair dryer on high and held it close to the tape.  Let it heat up for a moment before pulling the tape up.

Here are the finished canvases...

Sneak Peek of EV's nursery. 


  1. They look great! I love the colors you picked

  2. I really do love how these turned out and yours is better. ;)


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