Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's the end of the week and I thought I would share a few of my favorite things lately.  

1.  Mossimo long sleep t-shirts (target) - I have more of these than I likely should, but they are soft and comfortable.  I use them (or the short sleeve) shirts daily.  You can't beat the cheap price when they are on sale.

2.  The Children's Place - But only when they are having a sale.  Notice a trend?  Bear is a tall skinny kid.  Finding pants for him has been particularly hard.  For the longest time the Carters pants with the cloth waist bands worked well.  However, the waist barely stays up on him now and when he's out of diapers they won't stay up at all.  Thankfully in the last cousin's box we scored a pair of the children's place basic denim jeans.  They fit Bear perfectly!  They were on sale so I picked up his current size and a size up.  

3. Le Creuset Enamel Cast Iron 5qt Braiser -  I could give up just most of my cookware and replace it with this beauty.  In fact, I use it whenever I can.  It was well worth the money for any of my Le Creuset cookware, especially this one!  Seriously, you need this in your kitchen!

4.  Chalk Sticker with liquid chalk marker - I picked these up a long time ago, but I am really loving them since we are using the container more lately.  I wipe them off and refill them without any issues.  I really, really need to find more excuses to use these else where in the house!

5. GNC Total Lean Shake 25 (Chocolate Peanut Butter) - Ok, so I don't love any meal replacement shakes I have tried, but this one, in this flavor is the best one I have tried for the price.  We are able to pick this up at the GNC at the PX for a decent price.

What have you been loving lately?

*this is NOT a sponsored post, nor are there any affiliate links.  


  1. I went to Children's Place a few days ago and there were so many good sales.

    1. It's a great store, one of my favorites.

  2. I need to check out those Target shirts, I need some long sleeved ones for the winter :)

    1. They are thin like the t-shirts and just as comfortable.


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