Friday, October 21, 2016

Favorites on Friday

It's Friday and while I didn't expect to do another one of these so soon there have been a few things I can't get enough of lately!

1.  Cooler Weather! - We are currently expecting lots of rain but this past week the weather had been beautiful.  I love cool and cold weather.  I have even been able to spent nap time outside.  If I could bottle up this weather or make it stay like that all year long I would!

2.  A Large Cast Iron Skillet - I have no idea the brand of this cast iron skillet, but I can tell you that it came unseasoned and now it's seasoned enough to cook eggs on without an issue.  We have had it for about at least six years now and I would give up just about every other cookware for this beauty.

3.  Korean Restaurants - We live near some AMAZING Korean restaurants that I can't get enough of!  There are two that we have been going to so much that they are starting to know us by name.  I could eat a massive bowl of their pickled daikon sprinkled with chili flakes.  It is pure heaven to me.  Let's not even get into just how good the beef and leaf or bibimbop is.  OK, now I know where we are going for dinner tonight.  

4.  Food Network Silicone Cooking Utensils - I started out by picking up the spatulas.  My old ones were the silicone top with a wooden handle.  Food would get stuck where the handle and the silicone met.  It was insane to clean because it wouldn't come apart.  I went through too many of them over the years.  It is a single piece which makes it easier to clean since there is no where for food to get stuck in a seam.  I found these and loved them so much I picked up the whole line.  I have even bought them for several family members sets as well.  I highly recommend these.  There are more than just what you see in my picture.  There are all that were clean at the time for me snap a pic of. 

5.  Little Blue Truck's Halloween By Alice Schertle - This series is a favorite in our house in general, but this one is easily Bear's favorite book.  They bring back all the animals that were in the other stories and dress them up.  He likes to tell me what the animal is behind the costumes.

6.  Curious George Boo Fest Movie - We have this on Netflix, but if it ever leaves I will pick up the DVD.  Bear loves it so much and I kind of do too.  It's a cute Halloween movie for kids.
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 What are you loving lately?

*this is NOT a sponsored post, nor are there any affiliate links.  I have not been compensated in any way.  I am simply highlighting a product(s) I love and want to share.  


  1. I am so ready for cooler weather! It can't come soon enough.

    1. I'm so excited for cooler weather! We get to spend more time outside.


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