Friday, October 28, 2016

Dear EV (Oct 2016 - Three Months Old)

Dear EV,

Another month with your sweet face has passed and I still can't believe you are mine!  Your sweet personality is coming out more and more.  You coo and smile whenever you see the pups playing or your big brother acting crazy.  There have even been a few laughs from you!  They are the sweetest thing ever.  I also love just how expressive your face is at such a young age.  Like I mentioned in the previous letter, you have the cutest is your exaggerated frown.  While I hate seeing you upset, it is an adorable look.

EV, you have finally been sleeping longer hours at night.  This is amazing for both of us. You get great sleep and so do I.  It can never be a bad thing to have a longer stretch of sleep.  Thankfully, you settle down quickly without much assistance from us.  I have found that you will sleep just about anywhere like your brother.  This is very useful in our family as we seem to be on the go a lot.

The awake hours are also increasing.  I love seeing your little personality come out.  You have clear likes and dislikes which you never hesitate to express to us with a coo or a cry.  Your patience is still amazing to me.  When you wake up in the morning I can buy myself a solid 5 minutes just by turning on your bedroom light.  It almost instantly makes you stop crying.  It gives me enough time to get your brother up and going before I get you.  Bear also joins me in the morning to get you.  He likes to say hi to you, while you greet him with a smile. 

We try to keep you busy during tummy time.  I read books to you, play with toys, and just talk to you while you hang out or try to roll.  You don't seem to be as happy about these times throughout the day, but you tolerate them for as long as you can.  I think once I find the small boppy pillow you will be much happier about it.  Until then you will have to get by with what we are doing.  EV you have great head control for a baby your age.  

OK onto your current stats:

*Weight: 11.2 lbs (birth weight: 6 lbs)

*Length:  23 inches (birth length: 19 in)

*Weight and length are done by us since your next appointment is not until the end of November. 

Diaper size: You are still in size 1 disposables and newborn size cloth diapers.  I don't think you will be in the newborn diaper cloth diapers much longer, but I am happy with with the fit right now.  

Clothing size:  you are in size 3 month clothing for everything.  They fit you well, but the sleepers are looking like a you may grow out of them when you have your next growth spurt.  Please slow down!  You are growing too fast.

Feedings/eating:  You are still exclusively breastfed for the time being anyway.  I have tried to give you a bottle of formula every now and then with the free newborn stuff we got in the mail, but you refuse.  On occasion you will take a bottle of pumped milk with little difficulty.  I'm hoping you get a bit more used to a bottle so that I can go out without you on occasion. 

sorry about getting sprayed in the face girlie

Likes:  You love Duke more than Coco.  He seems to stand more of your infant antics.  The Eric Carle duck stroller toy is your favorite right now.  You are very into your activity mat, but not the toys that hang from them so I switched them out.  Watching Bear run around is one of your favorite things.  It makes you coo and laugh just watching him.  Lord, help me when you are able to join him.  

Dislikes:  You hate when your brother shrieks.  The noise will wake you up from a deep sleep.  You do not like being in your car seat unless you are moving.  I have also found out that you are not a fan of being held when there is pressure on your belly.  This sort of goes without saying, but you are growing tired of tummy time regardless of what I try to do to make it more enjoyable.

Funny moments:  I'm already shaking my head at what I am about to share, but thinking back on it was pretty funny.  Something I will never forget.  This past month you took your first trip to the Zoo.  When we got to the car I changed your diaper and fed you.  In the middle of eating you decided to evacuate your bowels of everything you have ever eaten in your entire life all in one very dramatic 5 minute ordeal.  It included lots of crying, panic, multiple diapers and an entire package of travel wipes.  I'm very thankful that only you needed a wardrobe change and a new blanket.  It is honestly the worst diaper explosion I have ever experienced in my entire time working with kids, so that's saying something.  I swear it is funny thinking back on it but at the time I had no idea what to even do.  

Doctors Appointments: The last doctors appointment went well. You are growing like a weed and even on the growth chart!  Your heat rash seems to have cleared up and I hope it stays that way.  As far as your goopy eye goes it had just about cleared up.  The only thing hanging around that your eye lid still looks a bit swollen.  I'm hoping that goes away soon so you don't need medicine to clear it up.  

Looking Forward:  I am looking forward to more developmental growth.  Seeing you roll over with more consistency and pushing up more.  I also can't wait to see you interacting more with your brother.  He is eager to play with you, but neither of you are quite there yet.




  1. Her smile is precious!!! I can't get over the fact that she is 3 months old already.

    1. Thank you! She is growing so fast!


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