Thursday, September 29, 2016

What We Needed for EV

Since we kept most of Bears' infant stuff there is less that we need for EV.  However, there is still stuff that I want or need this time around.  

Exersaucer - This is more of a want than a need.  It will also likely be a Christmas present for her as I want to make sure it doesn't bother here like it did her brother.  The various movements of the Exersaucer mixed with his reflux caused him not to like it at all.  Thankfully, EV doesn't seem to have the same reflux issues as Bear.

Rock N' Sleep - I could easily get by without this one, but for convenience sake I picked it up.  Our bedroom is small in comparison to our previous houses and there is no way we could set up the pack and play in there.  This will have to do.  I also like that we could travel with it if I needed to. We have used this a few times for travel and I have to say it worked out perfectly!

Avent Glass Bottle Sleeves - I picked up glass bottles for Bear and again this is something I never got to use.  I liked that glass is eco friendly and I trust that it gets sanitized better than plastic.  Yes I know I'm a germophobe with little kids, but I'm perfectly ok with it!  That said the sleeves obviously protect the bottle from my clumsiness when I inevitable put it down too hard or God forbid drop it.  They fit the bottles well and still allow you to see inside.  Again another item I have yet to really use as EV is nursing.

Stroller toys -  Bear completely killed all of his so we needed new ones.  I was hoping for many are girly.  I was not disappointed!  Here is what we got...

Strap covers - Another kid means we need more of these.  At least 2 more sets.  I hate the ones that come with everything.  They are rough and I wouldn't want them against my neck for any period of time.  The summer infant ones that are reversible are my favorite!

Muslin Swaddle Blanket - I was gifted one of these and they are fabulous.  Bear HATED being swaddled.  Even if I left his arms out.  From day one he wanted little to do with being wrapped up.  So I blessed a friend with it.  Now I figured I can splurge and get a set.  EV doesn't seem to have that same aversion to it that Bear had.

Double stroller - This is by far the biggest item we NEED to get.  Bear isn't ready to walk on his own so none of our single strollers will cut it when the new baby comes.  At least not when I'm by myself with both kids.  I decided I wanted to spend a bit of extra money on this one and splurge on the Baby Jogger City Select.  I plan to turn the single into a double with some easily modifications.  We already picked up the car seat adapter and the second seat pegs.  With the pegs we can move the seat to the lower position and the car seat carrier can go into the top position.  There is also a glide board that you can add to it that we plan to pick up.  This way when EV moves to the seat Bear can still hop a ride when needed.

Lots of Crib Sheets - I had about 5 for Bear and while that may seem like a lot to some parents, it was not nearly as meany as I needed.  Bear had bad reflux and he spit up and vomited a ton.  Meaning I quickly ran out of sheets.  Some times I'd go though 2-3 in one day.  For EV, I picked up several more to add to the ones that we still have on hand.

Cute Decor That Can Grow With EV -  for bear I picked a jungle theme and did the whole crib bed in a bag thing.  Truth be told looking back I don't know what I was thinking.  I'll blame the ugly green walls of his nursery that we weren't allowed to paint.  Don't get me wrong those things can be great, but I had picked one that was too cartoon ish.  That said, I'm going with more of a color scheme this time around.  I talked a bit about it in a previous post, but I found some cute art work and such for the walls.  I didn't go too crazy with it as I know our time here is limited.


  1. The rock n sleep is amazing!!! We have one for E as well and it has been amazing!

    1. It's one of the best things ever made!


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