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EV's Birth Story (Part 2)

If you missed part 1 head over there first.


Early in the morning, 4 AM to be exact, we headed to the hospital.  There was a long check in process because silly me forgot to call ahead of time to confirm that I would in fact be there for my c-section.  Once in the room they started hooking me up to an IV and getting all the paperwork in order.  It was a nice easy drama free morning compared to Bears' delivery.  

7:45 AM rolled around and I walked down to the delivery room.  The nurses were fantastic and kept my mind off of the spinal block and epidural.  They used both since the surgery was going to take a bit longer than the typical c-section.  My first c-section was at 34 weeks and with this one I was 37 weeks the scars no longer lined up. 

They laid me down on the table while the medicine kicked in.  It was nice to not be strapped to the table and just told not to cross the sheet.  This made it a bit more comfortable for me this time around.  The doctors (yes, multiple) came in and got to work.  My c-section was in the teaching slot so they had a second doctor in the room assisting.  The surgery itself was rather uneventful.  Like I said earlier it was a bit longer than my last c-section which changed a bit of how it went.  I was in better shape so there wasn't as much of a buzz going on in the operating room.

Like last time there was a full NICU staff waiting on baby.  When they did the final pull to get her out they held her over the curtain and the first thing I saw was her chubby cheeks.  The NICU staff gave her a look over.  Once she pinked up, the gave her a second look over.  They deemed she didn't need any time in the NICU.  It almost made me cry tears of joy hearing that.  Hubby and I breathed a massive sigh of relief.

While they closed me up there were a few funny things that happened.  One of the nurses asked hubby if he wanted to take a look at her.  His response was "I can see her from here."  She pushed and said "why don't you come over and pick her up."  It is worth noting that she wasn't crying and perfectly content where she was at that time.  Hubby replied with "No, that's ok.  I'll see her in a few minutes.  I'm here for my wife."  The nurse then waited a few minutes before swaddling EV and plopping her in his arms.  He spent the next 10+ minutes holding and calming down the baby while they finished my surgery.  I asked him about it later and he said a minute or two after hearing EV was fine that I got "the same strange look on my face" that I had with Bear's c-section.  What he was referring to was in fact me thinking too much about what was going on on the other side of the sheet.  I know and have seen one and try as I might its not a comforting feeling knowing whats going on.  I was able to put it out of my mind for the most part, but the longer it dragged on the harder that became.   Hubby was trying to distract me by talking to me, but that was harder to do when he was comforting EV.  I will say it was a sweet thing to see as Bear was whisked off minutes after delivery.

Once they finished I was wheeled back to my room.  They even placed a pillow under my arm so EV could ride back with me.  This is so very different for me.

Sorry for this repeat pic.

A few minutes after being in the room they took EV away to do some routine procedures.  When they brought her back they encouraged me to do skin to skin to help my milk come in faster.  While doing skin to skin, she wiggled down and latched.  I was super tired and definitely not expecting that to say the least!  She nursed for a bit before needing her first diaper change.  The nurse supervised Hubby while he changed her diaper.  She said it was hospital policy to watch the first diaper change to ensure that we know what we are doing and that she didn't need to teach us anything.  Obviously we passed.

Once I started to get some feeling back in my lower half they moved me over to the maternal medicine section down the hall.  This is where we would spend the next few days.

I felt amazing all things considering.  Once I could move they allowed me to use the facility on my own and even shower.  Unlike last time I was up and moving hours after surgery.  I was tired, but not in terrible pain.  I will say, we were a bit nervous as they just transferred us to the new room and didn't come back for a few hours.  When the nurse did return they took my blood pressure, gave me medicine, and took EV's temperature.  She then walked out since everything was normal.  This was so beyond strange to us.  Bear was in the NICU so the first couple of weeks the nurses took care of the baby.  While I didn't expect them to take care of EV, I did think they might do more monitoring or her.  Last time I was checked on hourly so I assumed more then every 4-5 hours.  I even texted my SIL to ask her what it was like for her after she had my niece and nephew.  When she assured me it was normal we settled down.

We spent the two days in the hospital adjusting to the new baby and recovering.  The 2nd day we had a quick visit from my in-laws and Bear.  He wanted little to do with EV or even me for that matter.  However, a bit of the wonderful ice got him to sit next to me on the bed. 

Yes I took a picture of the Ice I ate non stop while in the hospital but not the visit from my son.  I did however want to be in the moment and not behind my phone for it.

This was a much different hospital then the high end facility I had Bear at.  The room was tiny.  Just big enough for a small build in two seat sofa (hubby's bed), a small chair, the "crib" for EV (what the nurse called it), a small "nightstand", and the hospital bed.  It was tiny.  The bathroom was about half the size of a room.  It didn't bother me as it's not like we needed that much space.  A bigger bed for Hubby though would have been useful for him.

Another notable experience was the hospital food.  Unlike the standard generic meal for all patients, this hospital has a room service menu that you ordered off of.  The food wasn't bad either.

When the time came where we felt it was just useless to be in the hospital any longer, I asked if I could go home.  The doctor on that morning agreed to let us go as long as EV was able to as well.  While we waited on EV's Doctor, the evening shift doctor for me came to see me.  She had a completely different attitude about me being released.  If fact she didn't want to release me until she absolutely had to which was 2 more full days away.  That was not going to happen.  She stated that she did not like sending her Pre-Eclampsia patients home this early despite me not showing any more signs of Pre-E and my blood pressure returning to normal.  She stated "you can get Pre-Eclampsia up to two weeks postpartum and (she) wanted to keep an eye on (me)" so she could not approve the discharge.  I about lost it on her because (slight backstory here) if it were up to her EV would have been born at 30 weeks when I went into the hospital with Pre-E symptoms.  That day the next doc that came on shift sent me home even if it was only for a few days.  Needless to say I am not a fan of hers.  My response to her postpartum was "if Pre-E can affect me anytime over the next  few weeks what good does it do me to stay here for a few more days."  To which she said we can at least monitor you while you are here.  I came back with "the only monitoring being done is blood pressure checks every few hours and I can do that at home.  Staying here for an extra day or two isn't going to prevent me from getting Pre-E in a week from now.  If I notice a spike in BP or notice any symptoms I will be sure to call the office or contact the on call Doctor."  I suspect she just didn't want to deal with me anymore so she signed the paperwork.  

The weather was getting worse outside and so we hoped EV's Doctor would get there soon.  Four hours later he arrived.  When her doctor came they said she needed two more wet diapers before we could leave.  Since they had us keep a log of her diapers there had been a small gap of time where there weren't any wet diapers.  The hospital only counted the diaper as wet if you physically saw her go or if the blue line had been on the diaper.

Hubby and I either forgot to check the back of the diapers or she when while she was laying on her side which never triggered the color changing strip.  Either way she got her two wet nappies and we got discharged.

Hubby had gone home to watch Bear while his parents went to church.  When he finished he came back to get us.  The tough spot was that it was during a shift change.  Thankfully the two nurses stayed late to walk us out.  It was an amazing thing they did for us as the weather had gotten really bad out.  We made it out just in time as the parking lot flooded and they didn't let any maternity patients leave until it is subsided.  We missed it by an hour.  The same hour it would have taken the new nurses to discharge us.  

When we got home Bear was all into EV. He ran up to her and said "awe" and wanted to hold her hand.  He even sat next to her for several minutes before the novelty wore off and he ran to play.  

 Overall, it was totally different and a much better experience than Bear's delivery.  Then again this is very fitting for their personalities.  Bear is stubborn and does his own thing while EV is very laid back and easy going.  

Brith Stats

July 28, 2016
born at 8:48AM
6 lbs
19 in


  1. Man, those doctors were rude. If Pre-E can manifest up to 2 weeks later, what would 2 extra days in the hospital matter? You're still in they're "danger zone" once they leave. Glad you were able to convince them home would be better. And hurray for great nurses helping you discharge. Congrats on EV! She's so cute!

  2. Love this! I had a very different second delivery as well. I am so so glad to hear yours was much better too! Welcome to the world baby girl!


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