Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Trip to NY Day 3

See days 1 and 2 Here


Day 3

Much like the previous morning, we spent it on the porch.

Can I just take a moment to share the flowers my dad grows.

They are beautiful!

He quite literally tossed a handful of seeds in two lines
and this is what happens.  I wish I had this ability.

This is his garden in the background which is packed with vegetables.
Bear walked through it with my dad and tried a few different veggies.
None of which he liked, but that doesn't matter to me.

We let Bear run around in his PJ's with the now dead glow stick.

The pups got another long run in.

When the dogs started hiding the be ball it was time to relax on the porch.

a morning pj selfie because why not.

Bear saw me take a selfie and grabbed the camera.

I have hundreds of pics like these.

Ya'll we may have a camera hog.

I think we ran the dogs too hard.
They are not used to the distance anymore.

I miss morning coffee with this view and relative silence.

please ignore the redneck couch on the porch.
Bear does not like when he gets told he can't do something.
Then again who does?

Bear crying next to her created a steamroll effect.

The neighbors dogs kept them on high alert.
Nobody messes with the kids.
They kept putting themselves between the other dogs and the kids.
They were friendly dogs, but I still don't know them.

In the afternoon, we packed the car and headed home.

Bear fell asleep as planned.

The dogs joined him like normal.

There was beautiful weather on our drive home.

The dogs sleep in the car much like the kids.
Duke thought this was comfy.  How I have no clue.

When we got home we cleaned and prepared for the work week.


  1. Such beautiful flowers!!! :) I would hang out near them too.

    1. He got some pretty things and this isn't event he good stuff.


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