Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A trip to NY Day 1&2

Day 1

We started off the trip pretty late in the evening on Thursday night 
when hubby got out of work.
Bear watched some movies on the iPad until he fell asleep.

The dogs traveled on the floor and slept the whole trip up.

EV slept for 3 hours on the trip up.  
We had to pull over once for her to nurse before getting back onto the road.
I was actually expecting to have to stop twice so once was a blessing! 

Day 2

We eased into the morning out on my dads porch before heading out to lunch for Korean food.

The restaurant was slow in bringing out food.
However, it was pretty decent food if you ask me.

We shared everything family style.

Since the meal ran long, we headed straight down to visit my SIL, Niece, and Nephew.

EV slept in the car.

Bear did as well.

While we were there she slept most of the time.

While we ate pizza she hung out in her car seat.
Their cat came over to investigate.

Later that evening we came home to a beautiful sunset.

Which obviously means we needed to hop in the pool.
The water was chilly, but considering it was our first and 
last time swimming the whole season we enjoyed it.

We all cleaned up and got into our PJ's to relax for the evening.
The dogs got to try out their new light up ball.
Bear got to have fun running back and forth with a glow stick.
AKA tire out both the kid and the dogs!

He had a blast running back and forth with the dogs.

A short time later we all went to bed.

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