Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yard Sale Finds

I go to yard sales in late spring and in the fall when they seem to be most prevalent.  Some weekends I find a bunch of things and other weekends I find nothing.  I get asked if we ever find things that are worth it when I go to yard sales, for me it is.  I don't like paying full price for a gently used kids toys, kids clothing, DVD's, and even furniture.

I honestly can't remember if this particular basket of Baby girl clothes were given to us or if they were things I purchased.  I think these were given to us, but they are similar to a dozen other baskets full of baby girl clothes.  As long as the clothes don't smell like smoke or uber funky, in decent shape and something I would put my kid in, then I'm not going to pay full price when I can spend a fraction for it.

Children's DVD's are also sometimes a great deal.  I struggled to find the Wiggles DVD's on Amazon and for sale site, but a yard sale I stopped at had them 3 for $5.  Overall not a bad price for some kids movies.  Honestly, as long as the boxes look in good condition (shows care of the DVD) and the back of the dvd's look decent, then they will play enough times to get my money's worth.    I will still buy some brand new, especially ones I know we will play on repeat over and over. however, I do prefer to save on the rest of the majority of kids dvd's.  As a side note, we toss the cases for 90% of our dvd's.  We place them in one of those giant cd/DVD holders.  It's just easier than dealing with a ton of DVDs in cases that we really don't have the space for.

Toys for us have always been a great find.  Above you can see we got a Cars race track that works perfectly although it's a bit too old for Bear to handle.  Our niece and nephews will enjoy it until Bear is can use it too.

We have picked up a few ziplock bags of hot wheels / matchbox cars and even some of the smaller monster trucks.  They are always easy to find and usually in great condition.  Most kids have more than they need so it's hard to wreck every car.  

Not too long ago I picked up a bat cave and this joker fun house.  They are complete sets from what I can tell.  The lady I bought them off of even tossed in several other figures from the series.  $20 for both sets is a steal!  Bear will likely get these for Christmas as he seemed to enjoy playing with his cousins batman play sets.  

Books are also great yard sale finds for me.  I hate paying full price for them when they can get junked out rather quickly.  Bear loves books and I can get stacks of them for very cheap!  You can also find some great vintage finds like the pic above.  This book would cost me $20+ on ebay but cost me .25cents at a yard sale.  I could flip it if I was so inclined.  I have done this on many occasions. This one however is staying with me. 

Do you go to yard sales?   


Your thoughts?

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