Tuesday, July 19, 2016

To-Do List for Baby Girl

I've had several people ask me about what's on the list of things that need done for baby girl.  I suppose this is because I have what a few feel are odd tasks to complete.  While I guess they may have some point, A lot of it has to do with ease of use or to save money.  That said here are some of the things people have questioned on my to-do list for baby and you can tell me what you think.

Clean Milk Storage Bottles

Yes, I am aware that they make bags for milk storage and that they can be thrown away after each use, but it an effort to be a bit eco friendly and budget friendly I am cleaning the 60ml plastic bottles the NICU gave me to use for Bear.  So essentially they were free to us.  They did however have to get labels put on every jar that needed to come off.  

I soaked the bottles in hot water and scraped the paper off each one.  From there I stored them with glue all over the outside still.  Hubby said he would take care of that.  Well the time has come and he used an old sponge and "goo be gone" to get the glue off.  He kept the lids on to keep the glue remover from getting inside the jars.  I then washed the jars and sanitized them.  With both of us working at the same time it cut the work load down.  We did half on a Sunday and the other half the following weekend.

Why all the work for little plastic jars.  Well the NICU said we could reuse them up to 10 times and we have only used each jar 2-3 times max.  I love that early on I can hook them right up to the pump after filling what baby needs for the day into his bottles.  I also like that I early on I can defrost exactly what I need or just over in smaller amounts.  They are also harder plastic meaning no rips or tears like I had with some of the plastic bags.  Those aren't fun and spilling milk in that case is almost cry worthy.

- Go Through Bears Old Clothes

I know we are having a girl, but kids clothes are expensive!  Even going to yard sales the cost still adds up.  Because of this I want to get the most use I can out of the stuff that I bought the first time around even if it is Boy clothing. Who really cares what she is wearing when she is sleeping or playing outside in the mud.  Besides a lot of the early infant clothing is or can be gender neutral anyway.  I won't be putting her in anything that says "daddy's boy" or something like that, but those white onesie with the pale blue safari animals on will get used.  So will the blue pants and animal themed sleep sacks.  

There is no need for me to buy it all new (or used) when I have stuff that will work.  She will however be in girl clothes that I picked up when she leaves the house or whenever I feel like it.  I won't deprive myself of the fun of buying little girls clothes, but I will be smart about how much I spend on her clothes for the time being.  

- Test the old pump to see if it works

I kept the breast pump I used with Bear.  It was a Medela instyle advanced and cost a pretty penny.  I planned to use it again with this baby despite getting a free one from the insurance company.  In order to use it for the purposes of exclusive pumping it needs to be working like it should. 

 I plugged it in, hooked it all up and turned it on.  I put my hand up to the flange to make sure I could feel the suction.  It seemed fine to me, but when I hit the button for the let down, it sounded funny.  I thought it could easily be the outlet in the older house we live in so I switched outlets.  Turned it on, pushed the let down button and it sounded just fine.  Could have been the outlet or it could have been that it's been stored in a closet for a couple of years.  Either way I plan to use the old until it no longer works right.  I feel better doing so because I know that at any point I have a brand new pump that is exactly the same as my old one.

- Fix the Crib

Bear did a bit of damage to the crib in his 2+ year in it.  The majority of this damage happened while he was around a year old and teething.  He scrapped the finish off some parts of the crib and even hit raw wood on 2 parts.  Apparently, he's part beaver.  We went to great lengths to keep him from chewing on the crib. Thankfully they worked and he also simply outgrew the behavior.  

That said the damage needed to be repaired before Baby Girl could use the crib.  Hubby sanded some of the spots and then used a wood stain to make them less noticeable. There was no way to make it appear as though it didn't happen, but I also didn't want it drawing attention to the areas.  I'm very happy with the end results.

The circular ring is still wet and the extra stain needs to be wiped off.

- Prep New Cloth Diapers
- Strip Old Cloth Diapers

I hate that this seems so odd to people, because cloth diapers really should be more common than they are especially since they have improved leaps and bounds since our grandparents (or parents) used them.  

At any rate I picked up some new diapers in size newborn and small for Baby Girl.  Bear was such a small child and it seems that Baby Girl is following that trend.  Fingers crossed just not as small as Bear was at birth.  I picked up all one size diapers for Bear and it took him so long to get into them with a proper fit that it killed me to buy disposables. I did get more than my money's worth out of them I could have gotten so much more if he could have used them earlier.  

So I prepped the new ones by washing them and pre-stuffing them.  Then I stripped the old diapers.  This removes any build up that may have been in the old diapers from our water, detergent, or waste.  I thought they were fine before stripping them and while I don't have an infant to use them on right now, I don't see a difference in them from what I can tell.  I still felt that stripping them needed to be done regardless. Baby Girl now has clean, stuffed, and folded Cloth Diapers for her to use once she arrives.

In the end I am plugging away at those final items on the list and happy to check these off...

So tell me, are these really that strange of items to have to do? 


  1. So many tiny little bottles! I have a ton of those too that need to be cleaned, thankfully mine didn't have stickers. You go girl for all that sanitizing! I EPed with all my kids and my pump only lasted for a couple months with baby 2, good thing for TRICARE getting with the the program in case the same thing happens to you. :)

    1. Exactly! So glad tricare gives a pump per pregnancy.


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