Saturday, July 9, 2016

Looking for Guest Writers

*Scheduled Post*

I'm still looking for Guest Posters the closer we get to Baby Girl's due date.  Hopefully, she is still staying put, but I am still looking for people to help fill this spot for a bit.  I have some guest posts and some I have scheduled, but I am hoping to get a few more for while I am recovering and getting adjust to life with two children.  If you would like to guest blog on here please let me know.  Leave a comment or email me at

To make this as easy as possible here is what I am looking/hoping for:

  • Write about WHATEVER you want as long as it is not a sponsored post.  Really, you can write about anything you would like.  I write about cooking, exercise, life, military life, family, tot school activities, trips, favorite items, beauty products, etc. and so can you.  Just keep it family friendly please.
  • Length doesn't matter to me.  Write a lot or a little, it's all up to you.  Even an all picture post is fine with me as long as mini bio is included.
  • Please try to include a picture of your own or one from online (with source link) if possible
  • Include a short bio with links to your blog or social media account you would like.  Feel free to promote your blog / social media as long as you aren't trying to sell my readers something or directing them to your business.  

How it will work:

  1. You email letting me know you would like to write something for this little space.  I'll reply.
  2. Send me your post in HTML format.  If you use Blogger to write your posts it makes doing this even easier.  Let me know if you need help with this.
  3. I'll read the post.  If I need to make any changes to your post it will only be spacing issues, font type or re-sizing photos.  Just the basic things to make it look pretty on my blog.  I will not edit or change any of your writing.  If you feel you need to make corrections to it after sending it, just let me know.
  4. I'll email you with the date and time that your post will go live on my blog.  If you can direct your blog over to mine that would be perfect.  I will try my best to cross promote guest posts on my social media.  You can feel free to do the same, but it's not required.  

Post will go live sometime this month (July) and/or next month (August) depending on when Baby Girl decides to make her arrival.

Thanks so much in advance to those who are willing to write for this little space of mine. 

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