Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday so here are my current favorites... 

1. Teva original sandals 

This was an awesome purchase!  I have put it off so very long, but they are very comfortable.  It took me a while too long to find a color I liked.  The coral color was the winner when it went on sale.

2.  Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly, Turquoise and Caicos, & Topless and Barefoot.

I have a love for Essie nail polish.  When I get bored with what I have I automatically think to pick up a new nail polish.  I splurged and got 3 new ones.  What is your favorite color of Essie?

3.  Green Tea

Hot or cold it doesn't matter I'm just obsessed with green tea right now.  I could drink it by the bucket full of only I was able too. 

4. Chuck

We started watching Chuck once Merlin was over and I'm so happy we decided to watch this show!  I'm now addicted to it.  The tv shows concept is right up my alley.  I love the faux spy mixed with comedy.  How did I miss this when it played on tv?  Oh that's right we haven't had tv in a while!  Regardless, I love Netflix for watching shows that I missed. How you seen this show?  Thoughts?

5.  Magna Tiles 

These little magnetic tiles are well worth the price.  We even like playing with them as much as Bear does.  He pulls out his cars and makes a garage.  Takes his Batman and makes a tower for him.  He makes a racetrack out of them for his paw patrol trucks.   This is why I love this toy for him.  He keeps making it new for himself every day!  Truth be told I even like playing with it.  

What are your Friday Favorites?


Your thoughts?

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