Friday, July 29, 2016

Deep Cleaning Kids Clothes

I did a super concentrated soak using OxiClean in a bin with hot water.  My friend told me this would get out any, protein stains (mainly poop, vomit, spit up) from baby clothes.  She claimed that this even worked on Set in stains from clothes that had sat for years.   I was skeptical to say the least, but since I had so many girl clothes that has minor to severe staining I figured I'd give it a shot.

I prefer the "free" kind without dyes or perfumes of any kind.

Dump in a mounding scoop of OxiClean and fill the bin with hot water.  Just enough to cover the clothes.  Make sure the detergent is dissolved BEFORE dumping the clothes into the bin.  Additionally, use a big paddle or some kind of stick to mix the clothes as the smell was strong.

Mix every few hours.   After about 24 hours of soaking, I put them in the wash. I have a front loader and use a Regular cycle with no soap.  I followed that by a regular cycle, very little detergent, and an extra rinse if needed.

Above is the best example of the type of stains some of the clothing had.  You can see the discoloration of the neck area.  Stains like this were completely gone after the second trip into the OxiClean soak.  Some took more than one trip until the soak for them the stains to disappear.  Others had well they were lost causes.  I wish I had taken an after pic of this particular outfit before storing it away as it was restored to an almost new condition.  

Any stain fighting tips other than treating them right away?


  1. I love using oxi clean for deep set in stains, it really can work wonders.

    1. I have never used it until now! It really does a great job!

  2. wow that's so cool! baby stains are the worst.

    1. They really are! I hate that I bagged up Bear's old clothes and pulled them out with stains I never saw before! So glad this worked.


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