Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bear's Birthday Recap

This year we decided to keep Bears' Birthday rather low key.  We were not up for a big party with lots of guests and frankly I don't think Bear would have enjoyed it either.  We did however want to do several things we knew he would enjoy.  We spread them out as it has been a few busy days.  He didn't seem to mind one bit!

We started the day off a few days ago with sweet potato pancakes for him and more for the freezer.

We also took the first of 2 trips to Red Robin where he ate his weight in fries and colored to his hearts content.

The morning of July 4th we didn't have much planned so we decided to give him his gifts and let him watch whatever he wanted.  It turned out he wanted to wear his Christmas Pajamas while he watched Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas.

After some reheated sweet potato pancakes he opened up some more gifts from us.  

He previously got his kitchen set

and he also got his bicycle early as well.

The next day (July 5th) we went back to Red Robin.  He ate fries and drank freckled lemonade.  They then sang to him which he LOVED!!!   He was so beyond excited it made my day.

For dessert he got a chocolate milkshake.  That he refused to drink until after we pushed him to try it when he realized he did in fact like chocolate milkshakes.
When we got home from lunch he opened a few gifts from family before heading to bed. 

All in all I think he really enjoyed himself.

Happy Birthday, Little Bear!


  1. I can't believe how big he is getting, sounds like he had a great birthday! :)

    1. He's getting too big too fast for my liking. He had a lot of fun.

  2. Sounds like a great couple days! My kids also love that Mickey special, they always ask for it. How funny!

    1. I love it. Christmas year round.


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