Friday, July 1, 2016

Bear's Birthday List

Bear's birthday is coming up and this year he has some pretty great gifts on his list.

To start with Bear is getting a kitchen set.  The Little Tikes Cook 'n Store Kitchen.  It doesn't have the biggest or deepest fridge to store things so we will use a plastic drawer container on the side to store additional play food.


Every kitchen needs extra play food...

source, source, source, source

I think this next gift he will really enjoy.  It's a small 2 sided easel.  One side is a dry-erase board and the other is a chalkboard.


To go with this, we will ask for art supplies from family for him to use. 

In addition to the art supplies we put the Little people red Knights, green Knights, and Boulder Launcher on his birthday list for family.
Last on the list is Play doh and and the fun factory mega set.

Bear will sure love anything he gets for his 3rd Birthday and hopefully there are a few favorites on here.


Your thoughts?

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