Friday, June 24, 2016

Update on Bear

I know I have talked a lot on here about Baby Girl and this pregnancy so here is quick update on Bear and how he is doing. 

Bear is adjusting to well to the changes.  He easily moved into his new bedroom.  It just so happened to be his old playroom.  I feared the adjustment would be hard for him, but really it was pretty darn easy.

We updated a few things.  Mainly changing out the curtain to a new gray one.  Then I had Hubby hung up his pictures and hooks.  

I took what felt like a big step for me more than him.  We switched him off of Horizon Orgnanic Whole Milk and put him on the generic whole milk.  I didn't want to be potentially buying baby formula and expensive whole milk at the same time.  That's a lot of cash going out.  That said, I wanted to make sure Bear didn't drop weight if we took him off the fancy milk.  Much to my surprise he started eating more food while still drinking the same amount of milk he used to.  My only guess is that the Horizon Milk must have been more filling for him than the generic brand.  Either way his weight has not gone down any.  To top it off he doesn't seemed to have even noticed the change.  

With all the changes going on around him we are trying to keep his life as normal as possible.  This means still going on trips to the zoo, taking him to the mall playground, and spending one on one time with him.  Things we want to continue to do even after baby girl arrives. 

One big goal before Baby Girl made her arrival was to have Bear potty trained.  He is quickly approaching 3 years old which for me is just way to old to still be in diapers.  Most kids in my circles are potty trained by 2 at the latest.  Bear is well behind this curve and it bothers me daily!  This is mainly because at just over a year and half he was using the potty regularly and even asking to use the potty. I encouraged it without pushing him.  I think with a little push or reminders to use the potty he could have been potty trained at least while he was awake.  I would still have used pull ups for naps and bedtime despite him being mostly dry for those as well.  Then we moved and I was extremely fearful of having to stop a million time for him to go potty or that putting him in a diaper for the few days of travel would somehow reverse all of the work he had done.  The move put him back in diapers full time and the potty boxed up until we were at the new house.  We still offered the big potty but he refused.  

It took Bear time to settle into the new house.  He had zero interest in the potty so I decided to offer it but not push him. Slowly he started using it again.

Fast forward through 2 failed attempts at pushing him to potty train and we are at a bit of a loss.  He is using the potty 4-5 times a day as well as waking up dry from both naptime and overnight.  Bear will even ask us to use the potty and / or tell us directly after he goes in his diaper.  He is perfectly capable of using the potty full time.  He just doesn't want to.  

We tried using no diaper without pants, no diaper but pants on, pull ups without clothes, pull ups with clothes, and just plain naked outdoor time.  It all ended with everyone frustrated, tons of accidents, and his refusal to use the potty.  Rewards and charts were useless for him as they made no difference.  

At this point we are hoping that a slight nudge to use the potty just one more time per day than he does will mean he just phases out of using diapers.  Dear Lord I hope this works!  Fingers crossed and prayers for us that this works for us. I really do not want 2 in diapers.  

Everyone needs reading material for the potty right?  Apparently the cigar magazine was his pick that day.

To end on a happier note for me, Bear is making out like a bandit from some awesome yard sale finds lately.  He has gotten many new books, a paw patrol set, and a Kid Kraft fire house.  Everything was in great shape and dirt cheap.  Normally we hold onto these item for special occasions, but he hasn't gotten anything more than a handful of matchbox cars since Christmas and has been adjusting so well to leaving his old toys alone in the nursery.  I'm happy to add these to the rotation of toys.  He seems equally as pleased with them.

The trains have been put away for a bit.  I'm thinking around Christmas they may reappear and these will go into hiding.  

Overall, Bear is as happy as ever!  He is learning new words every day and readily shocks us with what he can physically do or say.  I can't wait to see him as a big brother.  


  1. I can't believe how big he is getting! :)

  2. When we potty trained, we just took all the diapers/pull ups away. We had a little trouble the first few hours but we told the kids that there are no more diapers and they got the hang of it. That being said, I did 2 with diapers and it wasn't too bad. Also, 3 is fine for diapers, I mean, in the long run of his life, it won't be too much of an issue.

    1. I know it's not a big deal. There are bigger more pressing things going on that potty training is on the back burner until things settle down for all of us.


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