Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Taking Credit

A week or so ago we were shopping at Walmart for some last minute things and I decided to check out some kids clothes while there.

Above is what I found for Bear.  He needed a few things to plus up his summer wardrobe.  Most of it is from last year, but some are looking too small.  This will help and you can't beat the price!  

Below are a few things I found for Baby Girl.  Yes, I know she has a lot of clothes, but there are gaps with sizes that I am filling in.  Or in this case the vast majority of the 6mo and 9mo clothing is winter.  Theoretically, if she follows Bears' size wise, she will need both cool and warm clothing for each size.  I picked up the warm weather stuff in 6-9mo.  Now back to what I was talking about...

We spent all of 45 minutes in the store and Bear starts to lose it.  We head to check out and I decided to take Bear to the car to speed along that process.  Hubby stayed and checked out for us.

When he gets to the car he tells me that he took credit for picking out the kids clothes.  Confused I asked what he was talking about.  He said between the lady cashier and the two older women behind him they kept telling him how fabulous of a dad he was for picking out great kids clothes for both of his kids.  The one lady that was next in line behind him said something along the lines of "I know men can pick out clothes for boy but you did a fabulous job picking stuff out for your daughter as well."  The cashier asked if he had help and he lied telling them he picked them out all on his own.  They all gushed at how much Baby Girl will be wrapped around his little finger the second she is born if he is already thinking about buying her clothes.  Hubby ate it all up!  

I started laughing pretty hard for a few reasons.  For starters, I didn't mind him taking credit for it at all!  Maybe I need to be giving him more credit for what great clothes for our kids that he does pick out.  I also know that if I told hubby I liked a certain collection he could easily have gone and picked out most of what I did pick for Baby Girl.  Hubby just tends to avoid prints so he would have stuck with all solids.  Then add in his huge grin and cocky attitude for getting the compliment and it pushed me over the top.  He was pretty impressed with himself for the rest of the day.  

Those clothes are now only referred to as the clothes that Hubby picked out.  He grins or laughs every time it comes up in conversation.

Has your hubby ever taken credit for something when it comes to your kid(s)?


  1. Kyle loves to pick out clothes for baby girl! He gets so excited.

    1. I think Hubby does too. He has some strong opinions about what we put her in. I'm fine with that. lol

  2. How funny! My husband gets a kick out of picking out clothes too and tells EVERYONE about too


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