Summer Food Pins

This summer I wanted to make an effort to use more of my pins.  So here is what I have been using.

Campfire Cones
I made on small change and that was to use mini marshmallow so they would melt better. It still took longer than I thought to fully melt but they were so very delicious!  We have to use this one again.

Coconut Oil Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
These were delicious!  I love a good cookie.  I highly recommend you try them out.

Easy FoYo Pops
I used this pin as a jumping off point.  I used store bought Greek yogurt in Vanilla and mixed in my own fruit.  I like frozen fruit for this.  I heat them up in the microwave until hot and juices are released.  I cut up the larger fruit like strawberries or peaches.  I chill them in fridge.  Once cold I mix in the vanilla yogurt and then fill the Popsicle containers leaving room for expansion.

Strawberry Pinapple Mimosas
Once this baby is out you know I will be drinking several of these!

Raspberry Lemonade Slushie
This is delicious!  I had to cut down the sugar a bit for my liking, but it a very good!  

What summer pins have you been using?


  1. Those campfire cones look good!

    1. They are awesome! well worth the prep on them.


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