Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday and that means Friday Favorites.

1.  Nursery Carpet - The color is still growing on Hubby but I love it!  Every time I'm in there I fall more and more in love with it.  It's a great pop of color and it's so soft!  I find Bear in there rolling around on it or trying to play in there all the time now.  He loves how plush it is.  One of the best purchases we have made for the nursery.

2.  Leap Frog: Scout and Friends Phonics Farm - This may seem like an odd one to have on here, but Bear loves it.  He sings along and even yells out the animals or letters.  To me the music isn't that bad.  
3.  Freezer Meals -  I haven't been feeling great lately and so we have been doing the older freezer meals.  I am still trying to stock the freezer with stuff, but I will have extra help this time around after baby since Hubby isn't deploying.

Last time around, I packed out the fridge with a ton of the same meals.  I'm hoping for more of a variety of this time around.  I also want to stock up on lunches and the things that I typically make since I will have help.

I'm starting to make things like Ruben sandwiches, sauce, and various soups.  Things that freeze well and or be portioned out.  Looking for things that are healthy, filling, and require very little work on my part.

4. Merlin - Have you seen this show?  I'm addicted to it!  It follows a young Merlin as he learns how to use and control his powers while protecting Prince Arthur from whatever he has gotten himself into.    

5.  Korean Food - Dolsot Bebimbop if you would like for me to be specific.  I think the ladies at the local place we go to are starting to know is by name.  If I had to say I had pregnancy craving this would be it.  It's so yummy!  

What have you been loving lately?


  1. I really do love the rug colors! The futon for her room will be delivered today so we can finally start decorating. :)

    1. I love seeing all the pictures of your little ones nursery! It looks fabulous!

  2. I want to lay on that carpet, it looks so soft! And that Scout DVD taught my son the alphabet. It's the best! Netflix has a bunch of LeapFrog shows and all are winners in my book.

    1. We love Scout! Bear will sing the songs when he thinks no one is watching him. They are a great show for kids. Thank heavens for netflix!

  3. LOVE that rug! I want it in my house!

    1. It's from Target and I would buy it 100 times over, I love it that much!


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