Sunday, June 26, 2016

Finding the Words...

This post is long over due.  I have been mentioning little bits here and there, but now that family is fully informed I can share with all of you.  Pre-Eclampsia (Pre-e) is starting to rear its ugly head once again.

This pregnancy started off easy, but recently has been increasingly difficult as the weeks go by.  I have always been told that pre-e is just a matter of time.  Not an "if" but a "when."  We had hoped that time would come at 38 weeks or later.  We hoped it wouldn't be as bad as the first time.  Clearly we were wrong.

Well, really the assumption is we are wrong.  For Bear my BP was high throughout the pregnancy and all signs/symptoms were ignored.  Brushed aside as a paranoid new mommy until I ended up in the hospital at 33 weeks with a very high BP and a headache that wouldn't go away.  Three days later I Bear was born via emergency c-section.  This time around I have been careful to make sure that when I say something is wrong that the doctors don't just brush it off as normal pregnancy symptoms if it could be something else. 

Thankful I have a very caring and on point medical staff (OB) taking care of me this time around.  They have labeled me High Rick from day one and even run extra tests and sonograms to check on Baby Girl.  I am also seeing doctors at Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM; think super high risk/specialist) throughout this pregnancy.  I feel comfortable with those caring for me and baby.  Our best interests are or appear to be a priority.

This brings me a few weeks ago when I ended up in Labor and Delivery for the first time.  I was having more and more difficulty breathing late at night.  Specifically taking a deep breathe.  I would have a bad pain in my side and start coughing whenever I tried to take a deeper than normal breathe. My BP was also a bit higher than I would have liked.  In the morning I called the OB and she brought me in to check my BP and ask more about the breathing problems I was having.  Difficulty breathing can be a sign of pregnancy but it could also be much worse like a pulmonary embolism (PE).  Due to this concern I went to labor and delivery to get checked out.  My BP stabilized but they recommended a CT scan of my lungs.  Please save your thoughts on CT scans when pregnant for someone else.  I trust my doctor would not run a test unless medically necessary.  The pros outweighed the cons in this case.  I had the scan and it came back that there is no PE and that my lower right lung does not fully inflate.  They have deemed this pregnancy related but will continue to monitor it.  She recommended Nonstress Tests(NST) and sonograms biweekly to check on baby.  The concern was that the pre e could be slowly starting.

A week later I end up back in Labor and Delivery with a high BP, cramping in the lower abdomen, and very little to no movement from baby.  I was again monitored for hours and had a long sonogram to check on baby Girl.  She did start moving once the cramping stopped.  At the follow up appointment the doctor said that the cramping was likely a "faulty contraction."  That at 31 weeks the body doesn't really know how to do a full up contraction and that could easily have been one.  She added that the cramping/contraction could have masked any smaller movements the baby was making.  The monitoring at the hospital showed movement only after the cramping stopped.  The doctor recommended moving up the dates of the NST's and Growth Sonograms.


This bring us up to date.  I have had several NST's and Growth sonograms.  Baby Girl has passed all of them and looks good Growth wise.  The hope is to make it to 36 weeks if possible.  IF I make it that far then they will consider a repeat c-section if things start to turn.  The more likely situations since Pre-e symptoms are intensifying and BP is trending upward, that Baby Girl will make an appearance earlier than 36 weeks.  Our hope is to make it 34 weeks, which at that time decreases the risk of most major disabilities making it equivalent to that of a full term baby.

For now we are waiting.  Waiting to see what is happening.  Waiting to see how this progresses.  I am taking it easy doing very little so as not make things worse.  We are also hoping for the best.  What I do know is I can tell you that there will be a mag drip and most likely steroid shots in my future.  Two things I am not thrilled about, but if they are best for baby I will make it as long as I can on them so that baby has the best advantage possible.

On a lighter note, I have been getting a decent amount of reading in to keep my mind off of the "what if's."  So if you have ready any good books lately send me the titles please!  I'm running out of material quickly.    


  1. I hope you and baby can hang on for as long as you can and I am SUPER glad you have a better team this time that is listening to your concerns.

    1. You and me both! I'm happy to have a great team to work with this time around.

  2. As always sending good thoughts your way!!!

  3. Oh geez.. sending tons of good thoughts y'alls way. Scary but at least it seems like your doctors are on top of it!

    1. I'm not thrilled to be going through this again but I'm happy to have a great team.


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