Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Currently (June 2016)

It has been a while since I have done one of these so I figured I am long over due.

Reading - "The Wonder Weeks" by RiJit and Plooij.  I'll do a bigger review of this book but so far so good.  For me this a great review, but for someone not in the Education field this could be helpful.

Enjoying - my time with just Bear.  I'm soaking it all in and really trying to spend as much time one on one with him while I can.  In a few short months everything is about to change.  I want him to get the much needed solo time he deserves.  The Baby prep can wait a bit more, that tv show isn't going anywhere, and the dish are just fine in the sink.  Right now Bear needs or more so I need to enjoy these last few weeks of Bear being the only child in the house.  

I want to make sure that even after his little sister arrives that I make sure I have that precious one on one time him as well!

Drinking - as much water as I can possibly stand!  Water is key during pregnancy and it is key during pumping.  I need to keep up these good habits!  They are clearly paying off.

Noticing / Feeling - the need to purge everything.  Looking around and going through things is making me feel like I need hoarders to come in help.  Ok really it's not that bad but we do need to work on downsizing and getting rid of stuff.  The more things that get brought in for Baby Girl the more I feel the need to go through everything else.  One house can only hold so much crap.  I would say I have hit that limit with ours.  

Cooking / Eating - As healthy as I can while still indulging in my cravings.  I have made stuffed acorn squash no less than 4 times in the past month.  I think hubby is getting sick of it but it's so good!

Loving - That the main living space of the house is looking how I want it to.  We are keeping it clean, organized and exactly how I wanted it to be.  It only took me year to finally get it that way too!

Watching - A lot of Merlin each night after Bear goes to bed.  It is the newest show that we are Netflixing (not sure that is a real word, but I'm using it anyway) our way through.  Have you seen this one?

Bookmarking / Pinning - lots of recipes for snacking.  I have found and used many of the things I pin or bookmark and my favorite is the spicy dried edamame and chickpeas.  I'm hoping to try out and find ones as delicious as that one.

Hearing - the country music playing on my laptop while I type.  I don't think I've mentioned it before on here but country if really all I listen to these days.  On right now is an older Darius Rucker song called "alright." 

Wearing - my PJ's. Which at this stage of the game consist of old navy pajama pants and whatever shirt fully covers this growing bump.  It's pretty sexy let me tell you that!  Lol It's really just all about comfort at this point.

What are you currently up to?


  1. I feel like a fish with how much water I have been consuming haha.

  2. That stuffed squash looks good! And I've been wanting to watch Merlin for some time now, I think we'll start once our TV is packed up.

    1. It is honestly one of my favorite meals of all time! Merlin is a great show that I feel ended before it's time. I wish they had given it one more season! Just one more.


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