Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cloth Diaper Stash

My cloth diaper stash is finally all clean at once thanks to some recent traveling and big push for potty training.  This is a rare occasion!  I'm taking this time to actually write about it and take some pictures.  

To start we use pocket diapers.  I double stuff them for nap time and overnight.  I have never had a problem using the microfiber inserts that came with the diapers so we stuck with them.  This is much more expensive route to take. However, we only purchased diapers when they were on sale.  It saved us a ton as I always got at least 30% off or more of each set.  This did mean compromising on colors.  That wasn't a big deal to me though.

Here is our stash...

18 Charlie Banana one size.  I bought them in sets of 6.  The CB diapers are the right side and all the white diapers in the middle.
12 bum genius 4.0 (one size).  I bought a 12 pack off of cotton babies website.  They start in the middle row with the darker green color and all of the left row.  

The extra liners and doublers for both are in the drawer with newborn diapers

This was my stash with Bear.  I desperately needed smaller diapers for him especially earlier on.  He was a tall skinny baby and baby girl is shaping up to be exactly the same way.  This time I want to be prepared.  This means buying smaller sized diapers that will fit her at a younger age.  Bear wasn't able to get a proper in one size diapers until almost 5 months.  Even then the bulk got him the more mobile he got.  Sorry kid bulk is harder to avoid with one size diapers.  It killed me.  

We had some extra money (yay tax return!) so I picked up 4 more sets of Charlie Banana diapers.  Clearly this is our favorite brand!  No leaks with them!  Here is what I added!  

12 Charlie Banana size Small diapers.  These were purchased in sets on 6.

12 Charlie Banana Newborn/x-small diapers.  Also purchased in sets of 6.

I also have a dozen (one set) of Bumkins flannel cloth wipes in Natural, but I need more if I plan to use the reusable wipes.

Since we are doing a baby registry ( mainly for the completion coupon) I added 2 sets of Charlie Banana Size Small diapers, 2 sets of Charlie Banana Size Newborn/x-small, and 3 sets of Bumkins flannel wipes.  If we are lucky we could be gifted some by family, but if not we will pick up one set of each size diapers and the wipes.

Why do I need so many more?  Well, ideally I like to do diaper laundry every 2- 2 1/2 days.  I also line dry everything so that adds to the turn over rate.  That said, if she is anything like her brother, she will go though more diapers and the average kid.  I'm not joking here.  Bear (2 1/2yo) uses the potty 4-5 times a day and that's not not factoring in the few diapers he still goes through daily!  He stays extremely well hydrated and regular which is great, but man do diapers add up.  You can only imagine how many diapers I changed when he was an infant!  That said he would easily go through almost the whole stash before I could get around to doing laundry.  I had to supplement with disposables.  Even with that we saved money.  I'm hoping with more diapers we won't have to supplement for anything more than travel or possibly overnight.

If you cloth diaper, how many diapers do you have in your stash?  Was it enough for your kid?  How did it differ between kids?


  1. I am in awe of your stash! Even when I did CD, it was never this great!

    1. It's funny you say this as 2 more boxes of diapers arrive at the house. I can officially say that I am done buying cloth diapers! my Stash is a good as it is ever going to get.


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