Thursday, June 2, 2016

Buying Used Kids Clothing

One of the ways I like to save some money is to buy gently used kids clothing.  Kids and infant especially are in their clothes for such a short period of time.  They are constantly growing and kids clothes aren't cheap!  

So in the summer and spring time you will find me mixed into crowds like these hunting for a good deals on kids clothes.

 I'm not saying you have to buy everything for baby used.  I certainly don't.  However, I just try to be smart about what I do spend my money on for my kids.  I've picked up kids shoes, toys, books, puzzles, a baby swing and obviously kids clothes from someone wanting make a few bucks on stuff they no longer need.  In my thoughts if it can be washes, cleaned, and sanitized then I'll consider buying it.  Things like Board Books, toys, or baby swing I can use clorox wipes to clean them.  Clothes and equipment covers can me washed in the washing machine.   Shoes can be sprayed with Lysol or sometimes washed in bucket.  Obviously sneakers and such are a bit harder to really clean while others are easier. 

It's not all gems out there so you really have to look.  Believe me, I've seen the stained, ripped, and down right nasty items people try to sell.  That crap can get tossed in the land fill!  I'm looking for the mother that has 8 bins of kids clothes that she's selling because she is moving.  Yes, I sat my pregnant butt on the ground and searched through all 8 bin because they were in great condition, super cute and I know there is no way in hell I can find that Polo dress for quarter anywhere!  Forty minutes and $10 later i walked away with 2 bag fills of clothes I like and baby girl can use

These are those very clothes...

Here are some other great finds from yard sales and facebook yard sale pages.

I have picked up several lots of clothing.  This is typically only done when I know what I'm getting myself into.  Sometimes they can be beneficial if you are willing to put the work into it.  Around here most people sell baby clothes for $1 a piece.  So if I find enough in a clothing lot that would be over the cost I would spend per item and I think I can resell what I don't want then those are what I look for.  There needs to be enough though for me to justify the original purchase cause you may not always be able to resell the items.

That said I did pick up a few that have turned out to be extremely beneficial.  One I paid $50 for 2 large garbage bags of kids clothing.  

I received the sample pic of whats inside shown above.  Know people will often pick out the best stuff to show.  I was happy with what I saw So I took the chance and picked it up.  After going thought it she didn't even use a pic with the best stuff in my opinion.  When I went though it all I ended up paying just over 20 cents a piece per clothing item.  Not a bad deal at all!  It could have gone the other way which is why I like to go through the clothes first before making a "bigger" purchase.

The one purchase I did make, while a great one, will be some work for me.  Last month a friend of mine was selling all of her daughters (She has 4) old clothing.  I asked if I could look through them before she put them online.  We agreed to $1 an item.  Her stuff was in amazing condition.  I was easily up to $100 (100 items) deep when she offered me ALL of the clothes for $200.  She had a lot of stuff and way more than I needed.  I talked to Hubby and after thinking about it for a bit I agreed to it. The next day her husband dropped off all 7 totes of Girl clothing at my house.  

ignore whats written on the bins and labels as they are all wrong
I honestly felt like I was running a consignment shop out of my house when he dropped those off.  That said, they range from newborn to 7/8.  WAY WAY WAY more than I will ever need to get or hold onto.  It would be impossible as the military lifestyle really doesn't allow for you to hold onto extra weight for years at a time.  Nor would I even want to.  I was looking for things up to 12mo max and then I end up with clothes I don't need.  However, what made this a great deal was that I honestly would have paid more then the $200 on just the clothes from the 3 totes that go up to 12mo. So now I get the task of washing, sorting, storing, and most importantly reselling whatever I don't want.  I could potentially recoup my initial output or more on this one deal alone.  I do plan to keep a tally of what money I recoup on this lot. 

Like I said eariler, I don't just buy used clothes.  I shop the sales too.  I don't care if baby girl is wearing last seasons colors or style.  If it's cute, fits, the correct season, and is the right price I'll consider buying it.  I'm even willing to pay full price for her "coming home" outfit or those old man Christmas PJ's for Bear, but that's only because I'm not doing that all the time.    

What do you think about used clothes?  Is it a good buy or not worth your time?


  1. You have definitely inspired me! :)

    1. It is worth looking into. You never know what you will find

  2. Grace's infant wardrobe was mostly bought by family and friends. We had family friends that loaned us 4 totes worth of baby clothes that we were blessed to use. With Brooke we have been able to reuse all of Grace's clothing. As Grace has gotten older past 12 months I have scooped up lots as they become available of clothing from online FB yardsales. I've found some cute things for cheap. As long as they aren't smokers I have no problem buying used!

    1. I completely agree! my number one requirement is smoke free. If I smell cigarette smoke I will easily pass on any item. It's a really hard smell to get rid of.

  3. Most of our clothes are hand-me-downs. My 3rd is wearing onesies from my 1st. I do like going to consignment shops to get their base wardrobe but for special occasions, I usually get new just because it's a birthday outfit or whatever, so it should be special. To me, obviously the baby doesn't care. :P

    1. Hand me downs are great! We get many from family or friends and I'm positive She will be using her brothers stuff when needed. I do like buying new things when I see a good deal or something I really like for her. I figured since I save elsewhere I can splurge every now and then on stuff every now and again.


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