Friday, June 17, 2016

201 Organic Baby Purées

I bought this book to use for Baby Girl and after reading through it I wish I had picked it up for Bear.  There are so many great combos for infancy purées and meals.  I also like that they give meals for toddler and up as well.

They have sample menu ideas so that you are always incorporating a new item while still using the old ones.  From what I have seen they do seem to adhere to what my doctors have always told me about introducing only one new food every 4-5 days.  However, make sure you talk with your doctor to make sure you know what to look for with food allergies.  There are WAY more symptoms then just difficulty breathing.  Constipation, diaper rash, and even dry skin patches are all signs or a mild or temporary food allergy.  Bear had trouble with Peas.  He would always get a bad diaper rash after eating them.  We found out in small quantities he does just fine.  Bear has slightly grown out of this the older he gets.

They have the basics which I don't think really needed to be included in there.  I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows how to mash a banana or avocado. 

On the flip side, they have great ideas for pureed meals.  I never would have thought of Turkey - Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie or anything similar for baby.


Anything I can cook in advanced and freeze is good in my book!

I love the tabs below the meal names as it helps me know more about what can be done with the dish.  Like I said before, I love that they have some many that can be frozen.

I am excited to use this with Bear and Baby Girl.


  1. I love when you post stuff like this, it gives me all sorts of ideas. :)

    1. I love this book and I started using it would Bear to expand what he eats.


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