Monday, May 2, 2016

Building Baby Girls' Nursery

Since we decided on the bedding for Baby Girl, it was time to move onto the rest of the room.  I went less with a "theme" per-say and more with coordinating colors. I wanted it to be colorful and bright.  We settled on gray and mint for the main colors with accents of lavender and pale pink around the room. 

The furniture is staying the same because frankly I'm too cheap to buy new when what we have is in great condition.  I thought about painting it, but the quality of the wood is too good to paint over.  That said, they are blackberry (think dark) wood color. I'm sort of ignoring that whole fact and just getting what I want for the room.  Things I hope grow with her as she gets older.  

2 Things to take note of....

1.The colors in the pics aren't the best, but you get the idea anyway.

2. Hubby dislikes anything other than simple basic patterns (stripes, polka dots, occasionally chevron).  He prefers solid colors.   Those solid colors are typically varying brown tones and recently gray tones.  I'm trying to work with him on that.  It's a slow process.  Needless to  say this whole girl things has thrown him for a loop.  He's fairing well and even seems to be warming up to some of the ideas I have for the room.


To start, I wanted a mirror to go above the changing table. This one was about as much "pattern" as hubby could bare so I went for a neutral color, gray.  Some pale pink house shaped pin boards and decorative arrows to add something to the bare egg shell walls of the nursery.

source, source, source

We needed to look into storage.  Kids bring stuff and stuff needs a place to go. I love these stacking wooden shelves.  The plan is to get 3 of them.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything to them or not.  Honestly, I might not because I can then use them elsewhere if I don't paint/stain them.  Add a basket for blankets or soft toys.  The last of this bunch is hanging space.  Hubby isn't sold on it, but mainly I'm looking of something cute and functional.  

Source, source, source

The room needs pops of color.  Pillows are the easiest way to do that.  I also went with a colorful lamp shade, but neutral base.  This way as she is growing up if she wants to change it then shades are typically cheap and easy to find.

Source, Source, Source, Source

Last up was the area rug.  This is not as bright as it appears in this pic or online.  It's much more muted.  More of the color I'm looking for anyway.  I saw it in our friends home and knew I needed it for the nursery.  A Mint and white striped rug was not something hubby was thrilled about when I told him.  He saw the picture online and instant got nervous.  It wasn't until he saw it in our friends home he calmed down. "It's not bad at all. Kind of cute for her actually." I'll take the win.


Now to get it all into our home, cleaned and set up before baby girl arrives in August.


  1. I love what you have chosen for her room! :)

  2. Love it. Those colors are so pretty! My husband wanted nothing to do with either nurseries so I got free reign!

    1. That is awesome that you could do what you wanted to.

  3. I love the house pin boards! So cute!


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