Tuesday, May 10, 2016

1 year in Maryland

Tomorrow marks one year in Maryland.  What an interesting year it has been!  It's been nice to finally be close, but not too close to family and oh how I love the snow.  So lets do a quick recap of our first year here.


May was spent packing up all our stuff and driving from Louisiana to Maryland with a few days layover in Virginia to visit family.  The rest was mainly spent unpacking and settling into our new temporary home.

We did manage to squeeze in a bit of fun.  We bought season passes to both the national aquarium in Baltimore and the Baltimore Zoo.


June brought with it more unpacking and finally decorating.  It was also a busy month for us.  We took a trip to New York to visit my family and see my Brother in law graduate college.  The next week we went back to the aquarium. At the very end of the month we took our first trip to see a few of the Smithsonian Museums.  Not a bad month if I do say so!


In July we took another trip to New York to celebrate Bears' 2nd birthday.  I spent more time organizing and making things look pretty.  Thank you Pinterest!  We had a big family party for Bear and even got to go to the aquarium with his cousins.  We rounded out the month with a trip to B&O museum for their Chuggington event.


Yet another eventful month!  It started with a trip to New York for a friends wedding.  We also hit up our favorite restaurant while there for some delicious seafood.  I finally got the kitchen to a place where I'm happy with where things are.  We discovered a sort of local Korean place that serves yummy food!  Last but certainly not least, I started fertility treatments to have a second baby!


Once again we went to the national aquarium, which Bear loves!  I finally got my ring sized and made into one rings.  I started getting serious about tot school with Bear.  He is loving it and so am I!  We took our first family vacation to Ocean City, Maryland.  Later that month we had family visit and went to a different Korean place for beef and leaf style dinner.  Last up we welcomed the cool weather of fall.


This month brought lots of traveling!  More so than we would have liked but we did enjoy the time with family.  The most started with a trip to New York.  Clearly we were not prepared for fall in NY.  We took Bear to a corn maze and got dreadfully lost.  Hubby and I did an afternoon date to beef and leaf while Bear went to daycare.  Bears room got a much needed cleaning up.  Last up we celebrated Halloween.  Bear was once again a dragon or dinosaur for the second year in a row.


The first of November seems to be a trend that we go to the zoo.  My father stopped by for a visit in his way to visit friends.  We had some beautiful fall weather!  Spent an afternoon at Luray caverns in Virginia.  I continued working with Bear for some holiday themed tot school activities.  I completed 30 days of thankfulness, one of which was growing out my hair.  We started to miss Louisiana and made some delicious boudin.  For Thanksgiving we went to my in laws.  When we returned I wrapped all the Black Friday deals in preparation for Christmas.


We had a bit of traveling this month so I set up the Christmas tree on the first.  For my birthday we went up to New York and did faux Christmas with my family along with celebrating my birthday.  After a few days at home we headed down to Virginia to see the Richmond Ballet perform the Nutcracker.  We gave ourselves and early Christmas gift and set up our Xbox and Kinect.  Bear woke up excited for Christmas morning.  A few days after Christmas I took everything down significantly earlier than I normally do.  Last, but certainly not least, we found out I was carrying our second child!  


New Years was spend doing Faux Christmas number 2 with Hubby's family in Virginia.  Hubby got me a Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Braiser.  I took an early glucose test.  We took pick for the pregnancy announcement.  Bear moved into his toddler bed with very little struggle!  Then it snowed and kept snowing.  Bring us to Maryland's Blizzard of 2016.  Over 3 feet a snow and we loved every minute of it!!!


We started the month by getting to see baby 2. We then took a trip to New York to visit family.  Bear started taking more and found that he liked saying hello and goodbye to dada every morning.  We finally completed Bears room when we put together his dresser.  We rounded out the month by visiting my Brother in Law in North Carolina.  


The snow came and went this month.  Despite the cold we picked up an ice cream maker.  After finding out our glass patio table broke into a million pieces so we took the opportunity to pick up a new wooden IKEA table that we love.  We got more exciting news when we found out baby 2 was in fact a Girl!!!  Up next we went to a wedding for hubby's coworker.    Shortly after my In-Laws came for a visit.   Easter was a quiet event at home.  Overall, with the weather warming up we spent plenty of time outside.


In April we had crazy weather.  Snow one day 80 degrees the next.  Bear got to use his water table for it was intended for.    We had a dinner party with po'boys and a shrimp boil.  I shopped and shopped for baby girl.  We ate more Korean food.  I made lots of rice for the sensory table in preparation for post pregnancy.  We had a yard sale to try and lighten the load of kid stuff.  Finally, Bear teamed up with the pups and became a fan of Tangled.

Which brings us to May and the close of our first year here in Maryland.  We plan to keep things a bit more low key with far less traveling since this is a high risk pregnancy.  That said we still have plenty of things lined up for this next year here.  We have plenty of visits from family, more trips to see some of the local sites, lots of Korean food, probably a trip or two where we visit family, and of course the birth of our little girl.  I can't wait to see what else this next year in Maryland brings for us.


Your thoughts?

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