Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Update 101 in 1001 (April 2016)

It's been a while since I have updated you all on my progress on 101 in 1001.  I'm making some decent progress on this project with just about a year left.


5.  Move Bear out of his crib
We have successfully moved him out of the crib!  It was an easy transition thankfully.

30.  Get an ice cream maker and make two different types of ice cream or sorbet (2/2)
We purchased and have used our ice cream maker several times.  I see lots of homemade treats in our future!

Working on

2.  Have wedding gown made into a Baptismal Gown (if we ever have a daughter, if not get it cleaned and preserved)
I have been working on this one for a while and I'm having a hard time finding anyone who is will to do this.  I need to keep calling and asking.  If I really can't get it done then Baby Girl will end up wearing my nieces christening gown.  In that case I will get my dress cleaned and preserved.

19.  Eat twenty vegetarian meals throughout this project (18/20) Thanks to the rather late discovery of Zoodles we are eating more and more vegetarian meals much to hubby's dismay.

20.  Bake thirty new new dishes throughout the course of this project (sweet or savory) (17/30)
I tried baked eggplant for eggplant parm.  It was not that great at all.  Hence why you never saw any pics for it!  The breakfast casserole came out a million times better.  I'm counting this one.

21.  Use the fondue pot two times (1/2)
I was determined to use our fondue pot at least twice at this location.  Between Hubby's PT test and my aversion to food in early pregnancy we didn't get around to using it over the holidays.  I did manage to break it out one evening when we had nothing going on for a "snack plate" dinner of sorts.  It was an decent recipe but could have been better.

63.  Remain Debt free for the course of this project (not to include Car, home, or student loans)
I'm happy to say that we have been able to successfully do this one.  I see no reason why this would change in the future.

64.  Start college fund for Bear
While he does have a bank account we are going back and forth with the idea of hubby passing his GI bill along to Bear.  We aren't positive on this idea as a lot of things need to fall into place for that to happen but it is an idea.  If not we do need to start putting some money aside for his education.

78.  Get better at cutting hubby's hair.
I have been cutting hubby's hair more and more lately. It saves us $20+ a month and it's easy enough that I can do it.  Hubby also cuts Bears' hair which makes things easier as well.

89.  Do not purchase any makeup (unless that item is completely used up)
While I haven't purchased anything since hubby got me the naked vault (insert link) I still haven't used anything up as much as I would like.  Using what I have just shows I have too much!


 75.  Set aside thirty minutes a day for sixty consecutive days (15/60)
I hit 15 days and then messed it all up by taking a nap instead.  The following day I cleaned during my reading time.  It all went down hill from there.  On the plus side I am reading more which is the intended goal for this.  I'm still going to give it another shot to actually complete this one.

91.  Find a purse I love and use it throughout the course of this project
This is a total fail for the most part.  I have purchased several purses, clutches, handbags (8 in total) since this project started.  I do keep with one bag for a long time but I have been trying to rotate the one I use.  This is clearly not one I can complete as I have already failed at it many times over.  Oh well.  

99.  keep the Kitchen / coffee / end tables all clear of clutter for one full month
This shouldn't be as hard as it sounds but one of the three spots seems to turn into the dumping ground for junk.  The end tables are the biggest offenders, but recently we have been piling stuff into the kitchen table.  It really shouldn't be hard and I'm determined to fulfill this goal as it is written!  One day maybe.


  1. I love his room! :) So glad the transition was an easy one.

    1. It really did turn out better than I thought it would!

  2. Haha. I'd never be able to stick with just one purse either. I think if you are going to fail one that is the one to fail. LOL.

    1. Hubby laughed when I told him I have to count it as a fail. He didn't think I could do it now that we are around more stores. When we were in Louisiana I switched between two purses I already had for 3 years. Then we moved and it's been one huge fail. I did clean out the old beat up ones and sold those so I'm not just continually increasing but not getting rid of some. Of all the failed items this one doesn't bother me that much.

  3. I love Bear's bed! We're looking at it to use as a bunk bed.

    1. When Bear gets older we want to use it as a "loft" bed and be able to put some toy storage underneath. We thought about using as a bunk bed if this baby was a boy, but this baby is a girl. Who knows, it can always still be uses as such. I love the versatility yet low profile of it for younger kids. Can't go wrong with it either way.

      I'm really interested to see how they intend to move it next PCS since it has to be taken apart to moved out of the room. We kept the manual just in case they don't know how to put it back together.


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