Friday, April 29, 2016

Toddler Meals

I struggle when it comes to feeding Bear.  He still loves to eat and isn't too picky but we do tend to stick with his favorites.  In fact he will at least try just about everything you put in front of him.  The struggle I guess is with adding variety to his diet.  Especially when he doesn't eat pasta or bread.  Things we are working on.   Regardless, here are some of the meals he has eaten recently. 

White rice, Peas and carrots, Stir fry beef and shrimp (from our meal)

Meatballs, green beans, and white rice
Meatballs, peas, raisins, and animal crackers
Meatballs, white rice, peas, and honeydew melon
Fish sticks, peas, and apple slices

Hot dogs, Pear Slices, and baked beans

Taquitos, Funions, and apple slices 

Chicken nuggets, apple slices, and mac and cheese

Scrambled eggs, banana slices, and blueberries (cheerios not pictured)

Chicken cutlet, Grapes and Broccoli
Any suggestions I can add or try with him that you think he would like based off of what he normally eats?  


  1. His meals look good! Grace has a very bland diet as she is kind of picky right now!

    1. He eats better than us I swear!

  2. You are so good with his meals!

    1. I try but he is a pain to cook for.

  3. His meals look good! I would totally eat them too. :p We've been trying to get away from preparing 2 meals so as long as the grown up meal isn't spicy, both my older kids get at least 1 bite of what we're trying. It showed us what they like, my daughter loves steak and I never would have thought to give a little kid steak.

    1. we are trying to get him to eat what we eat. We are hoping one day soon he starts to like it.


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