Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Favorite Family Friendly Movies

At least once every two weeks we like to turn off the computers, put away the cell phones and spend some family time together by having a movie night.  Dinner is eaten around the coffee table and is usually something simple like homemade pizza or finger food snack plate.  For dessert we make popcorn.  Basically, forget any diet you are on if you are at our house for movie night.

Bear is still little so movies the movies we tend to be geared towards him.  We can't leave anyone out on family movie night!  That said I'm glad he is enjoying more of the Disney movies (or similar) and moving away from the super simple and highly repetitive movies!

Curious George: Spring Into Spring
George discovers what spring is and tries to get his buddy Hundley to enjoy it too!  Like any Curious George movie, things never go according to plan.  What We don't mind about this is the music.  Great songs that get stuck in our heads for days!  This is on Netflix and if it ever leaves we will have to buy the DVD.  (Jen this is one you need to check out!  The dachshund farm scene/song is adorable!)

Penguins of Madagascar Movie
Way over Bear's head, but he loves the penguins and the slapstick comedy they get into.  This is about the Penguins attempt to save themselves and their fellow penguins from the evil scientist all while receiving some un-welcomed help from another elite group or animals.  They also give you some back story on how the Penguins got together which is some of the best scenes in my opinion.  Pay attention whenever the bad guy says the names of the octopus'.  It's the sort of hidden humor like this that keeps us entertained as adults while watching a kids movie.

Tangled is Disney's take on the whole  Rapunzel story.  In this version she's a princess who was taken from her parents as an infant because her hair had magical powers.  She finds her way back to who she really is with some help from a charming thief and a couple of animal friends.  We love that it reminds us of Aladdin.  Hear me out (and spoiler alert).  The poor guy gets the princess.  In this case she doesn't know she is the princess, but the concept still applies.  Most Disney princess movies the prince gets the girl.  Tangled and Aladdin the average Joe gets the girl. Not to mentions both leading men are thieves!  

Cars and Cars 2
These are obviously staples in our home. Bear is OBSESSED with Lightening McQueen!  In Cars, breaks down in its simplest form to Lightening learning to care about others.  We love the heartwarming story and the music isn't bad.  Cars 2 focuses on Mater being mistaken as an international spy.  Mater saves the day obviously despite his lack of skills.  This movie for us was missing the heart that Car had.  It's a good movie, but given the choice I'd pick Cars over Cars 2 any day.

The Emperor's New Groove
A new one for us.  The Emperor needs to learn a few lessons about trust, caring for others, and even humility while he tries to get back to his throne and also get changed back into a person. It is hard to find what we deem as classic Disney movies, stuff we grew up on, that don't have a lot of evil scary moments that could frighten Bear.  This movie does a nice job at downplaying the evil villain though the humors sidekick. 

Veggie Tales: Jonah
Obviously this is the biblical story of Jonah and the whale. It's a story in a story which works really well.  I like that they apply the concepts from the Jonah story directly into the characters conflict as a way to resolve it.  All very easy to understand for kids.  Those older than Bear would get the concepts better, but he tried to sing the songs and dances along.  

A Bonus movie from last nights Movie night.  We took a chance and went with a movie mash up of two shows we liked as a kid...

Rugrats Go Wild
This wonderful mash up of the Rugrats and the Wild Thornberry's is pretty awesome!  The Rugrats crew find themselves on a deserted island and while attempting survive they run into the Thornberry family.  The two groups need to work together to get off the island after a few mishaps threaten their chances of getting back home.

What are some of your favorite family friendly movies?  We are clearly stuck on a repeat of these.


  1. We love Curious George and Tangled! The wiener dog song cracks me up every time!

  2. Grace LOVES the curious george movie. She's a huge fan of all the curious george stuff on Netflix.


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