Friday, April 1, 2016

Gender Reveal for Baby 2

Way back when I was 16 weeks along we went and did an elective gender ultrasound.
We shared the gender news with immediate family
as the tech was confident in what she saw.
However, we wanted to wait with to share with extended family
until we had the anatomy scan last week.  
This all meant waiting to share online.  
Not an easy task when you are excited!
Without any more delay,

Baby 2 is a....


We are beyond excited for the newest addition!
No, this is not a joke despite the day of announcement!  
We are really having a little girl.  This is the first for Hubby's side of the family so it's pretty big for them.  In fact, Hubby even told Baby Girls' Godfather that "the curse has been broken."  Obviously, we are joking around with that phrase, but we are in fact having a little baby girl come August!


Your thoughts?

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