Friday, April 15, 2016


Currently I am...

Cooking - simple meals.  With so much going on lately, traveling, cleaning, reorganizing, it doesn't leave as much time as I would like for cooking more elaborate meals.

Buying - lots and lots of girl things!  After years of only boy stuff it's nice to see some girl stuff enter the mix.

Sewing - well not seeing exactly but I am trying to find the perfect ribbon colors to make my next project which will include some sewing.

reading - more like re-reading.  I've finished babywise once again as I wanted to refresh my knowledge while I have the time.  I've moved on to "the happiest baby on the block."  Both books I loved and used while Bear was an infant.  I have no doubt they will be equally as helpful this time around.

planning - A trip to New York to see family.  Oh and eat some yummy pizza.  Nothing too big.  We like relaxed and low key.

loving - This warmer spring weather!  The outdoor time is really nice.  

hearing - Tangled in the background as I write this.  I never knew a little boy would love this movie as much as he does!  I think its Flynn Rider he likes best as he perks up a bit when he see him.

needing - a day of nothing important.  One of these days I really want to take Bear to the zoo and  just walk around.  If nothing more than to just get out of the house and enjoy the view.  

smelling - My morning coffee that is calling my name.  Call it the placebo effect, but without a cup of coffee, even decaf, I feel like I can't function.

wearing - Maternity pants and larger t-shirts.  I didn't really buy much maternity items before and I certainly don't plan on doing so now.  This is the last baby and I don't want to waste money on anything I don't really need.


  1. Yes to spring!!! And baby girl clothes are seriously the best.

  2. I love Happiest Baby on the Block, it is so helpful!


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