Friday, March 25, 2016

What's in Bear's Easter Basket

This year for Easter I picked up some interesting eggs from the Dollar Tree near our house.  I swear they have some of the cutest stuff!

I'm not thrilled they were all transparent but they work well for holding his treats or small toys. Seriously, how cute are these?!?!

Anyway, on Easter morning I wake up early and fill the empty eggs in the basket you see below with treats like goldfish snacks, animal crackers, and raisins.  There will also be one with a few semi-sweet chocolate morsels.  It's is Easter after all and it wouldn't be complete without something chocolate.  Clearly he is not getting all that is pictured, but a small portion of each.  We aren't big on getting candy for Bear at this age (2 1/2).  Instead we do other treats that we know he will enjoy that aren't all loaded with sugar.  We even tend to do some small well thought out gifts.

Also in the basket are a few toys.  Nothing big, but something that goes with that he already has.  We opted for two Little People sets.  One was a camping figure set and the other the Green Knight set.  Then there are cars from Disney's Cars and Cars 2.

They were all removed from the packages.  Those that fit into eggs great and those that didn't were just placed into the basket.  The cars didn't fit so oh well.

The next chunk of stuff I deem more educational.  Stuff he was going to likely get anyway but they work for Easter as well.  To start Bear loves Thumper and his bunny family.  Disney put out a Bunnies series so I picked up "I love you, My Bunnies" and "Thumper Finds an Egg."  Both great books.  He also likes the Duck and Goose series.  We are working on colors for with our tot school so their "Colors!" book it had to be. 

Bear doesn't get much tv but when he does get to watch it he likes Dinosaur Train.  They had an "Eggstravaganza" DVD that seemed interesting.  While not Easter themed I also picked up"Veggie Tales: Jonah."  He's missed it since Netflix dropped it.  I was a bit sad too.  The show isn't that bad.

To help out with some of the tot school stuff we do I set aside a new coloring book and some small containers of playdoh that matched his plastic egg.  These were things we already had sitting around.  To me these are fillers because They were last minute things.

The very last thing that went into the basket was something he needed.  In fact he needed it so much it couldn't wait.  Really that's my fault for leaving his new dinosaur Contigo Thermos out on the counter.  He's tall enough now to see all the way to the back if he stands on his tippy toes.  Oh well.  He loves it and so he just got it early.

For now his Easter Basket looks like this. Again I'll wake up early and fill the empty ones with his treats.

What do you put in your kid's Easter Baskets?


  1. I love what is in his basket!

    1. It is hard to find small non-candy items every year. I like to change it up if for nothing more than to keep it interesting for myself.

  2. So cute!! I love it! Happy Easter!!

    1. Thank you! Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Great basket! We also go with books or art supplies. I found Walmart had some great egg stuffers for 98 cents this year.


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