Monday, March 7, 2016

Purchases for Baby 2

Baby 2's stuff is starting to pile up around here.  There have been some great sales that I couldn't help myself.  While we saved most of what we used for Bear, there are still several things I need or want this time around.  Once again this likely needs to be said, this is not a sponsored post, nor are there any affiliate links.  Now on to what we got for baby 2 so far!

To start we plan to pick up the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller.  We can convert it to a double stroller with some easy modification parts.  It is pricey so we are waiting for the completion coupon to pick up the stroller itself. 

 The plan is to use the car seat adapter up high and move the single seat down low using the additional pegs we purchased.  Like the picture below only the seat will be black, not red.

We are assuming that by the time the next baby outgrows the car seat, Bear will be big enough to walk or ride on the glide board.  This is all under the assumption he will be about 4 and able to handle walking, which I feel is a safe bet.  If not that's what the various baby carriers will be used for if needed.  Below is an example of the glide board even though it is not the correct stroller.

I like having the piddle pad in the carrier for blow outs.  I have one in Bears' car seat as well and now I'll have a back up if needed.  They fit in any car seat and I like that Summer Infant crash tests their products.  It makes me feel better about using after market items on the car seat. They are thin, but from experience they hold quiet a lot of liquid. 

Another Summer Infant product we love is the seat protector.  It does actually save the seat from those awful marks of the car seat digging into the seat without compromising the safety.  We have the same one for Bear and I had to have the same one for Baby 2.

I plan to pump for Baby 2, but I also know that my supply varies all the time meaning Baby 2 will get some formula at some point.  Finding a compact and easy way to travel with formula is harder than one thinks.  Formula holders are typically bulky with flip top lids that can open up in diaper bags (from experience) causing a big mess.  I was searching for a new option when my friend recommend this to me.  I was skeptical at first because I didn't see how could it accurately portion out any formula when all the scoops are different sizes? Well after some experiments with my friend using her formula, it's safe to say it's accurate as long as you follow the set up instructions to the letter.  In fact I feel I get a more accurate scoop from bottle to bottle than I do scooping it myself.  This will come in handy for sure!  This is more of a want than a need, but convenience with a baby is high priority to me.

I knew I needed some smaller sized Cloth Diapers for baby 2.  We have plenty of one size diapers, but it took months for them to fit his small frame without leaking.  Yes, he was a preemie, however even factoring that in he just has skinny kid.  This baby is following that trend.  This could change but I knew it was OK to pick up some newborn diapers.  I went with my favorite... Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers.  I prefer all white diaper, however when the colorful ones are on sale for a great price you get it.  My goal was to get what we wanted while spending a little as possible.  There are less expensive option when it comes to cloth diapering however, hubby and I really like pocket diapers best.  This brand has worked out amazingly well for us so we saw no reason to change.  

The sets I got included one hot pink diaper in each which didn't thrill me.  We don't know the gender of baby 2 yet so pink was not on my list to pick up.  Yes, I know boys can wear pink too, but I'm not a fan of this color pink on my own little boy.  That said all the kid will be doing is pooping in it.  In the end of the day does it really matter what color it is if it was a good deal?  Besides they will always be under clothing anyway.

Last up are two stroller toys I thought were cute.  The fox was too cute to not buy.  The elephant (Eric Carle Toy) was a re-buy for us.  Bear loved his elephant to death so much so that it needed to be tossed.  There was no way to get it cleaned once it turned into a crusty mess.  I hope baby 2 loves it just as much as Bear did.  

I'm only in the beginning of my second trimester, but I do love checking things off my list for Baby 2.  


  1. It is definitely fun checking things off the ever growing list! :)

    1. Oh entirely! It's nice to make progress even if it doesn't feel like I am.

  2. The piddle pads are something I need. My kids sometimes have car accidents if we're in traffic too long and these will be really helpful!

    1. They have saved our car seat many times. It might not hold everything, but it will hold a decent amount. I look at it as it collecting anything is better than nothing. It's all machine washable so much easier to clean than the car seat itself.


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