Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Exploring Old Wives Tales

We have all heard some old wives tales about predicting the babies gender.  So, before we actually find out if it's a boy or girl why not have some fun with it!

Heartbeat (over 140 is a girl; under 140 is a boy):  Early on "they" say is better for prediction because that way movement will not alter the heart rate.  I'll use our 8-week appointment heartbeat which was 166, thus indicating a Girl.  This trend has continued with heartbeats at 170 and 176 in more recent appointment.  Nothing here changes, it only reinforces what the old wives tale says.

Cravings (sweet or citrus is a girl; Salty, sour or protein is a boy):

I would say I have been craving sweets.  Give me all the candy!!!  I also have been craving orange juice and grapefruit juice by the bucket full.  So, I guess that means Girl.  This is different from last time as all I wanted was nachos, chips and salsa, and fajitas.

Mayan Calendar (age at conception and year of conception.  If both are odd or even its a girl; one odd and one even it's a boy):  I was 31 years old and the year is 2015 making them both odd numbers according to this its a Girl

Chinese Gender Chart (found here, uses your age at conception and month of conception): When I plugged my numbers in, which are 31 years old and November, it said I am carrying a Girl.

Morning Sickness (Sick as a dog means it's a girl; easy going means it's a boy):  Well I don't hold any stock in this one what-so-ever as I was sick as a dog with Bear and he is clearly a boy.  Then again they are called old wives tales for a reason so, I'll play along.  According to this one, this baby is a Girl.

Hair condition (Dull and limp hair means it's a girl; thick and glossy hair means it's a boy):  Well I would have to go with dull and limp with overall some massively crappy hair days.  Then again I didn't have great hair days with Bear either but this one also comes out as, Girl.

Complexion (imperfect complexion means it's a girl; perfect complexion means a boy):  This is the whole theory of baby girls stealing your beauty.  This one, much to my dismay, indicates a Girl.

Foot Temp (Warm and toasty means girl; Ice cold means boy):  This is an interesting one as my feet are always cold and continue to be to this day.  I guess this means I'm having a Boy.

Agreement on a Name (can only agree on one be it a boy or a girl that is the one you will have):  I had to laugh when I read this because hubby and I have been saying this for a long that we could only agree on a boys name with Bear.  This time, we can only agree on a girls name.  That means, according to this, I'm carrying a baby Girl.

To Recap:

Heartbeat: Girl
Cravings: Girl
Mayan Calendar:  Girl
Chinese Gender Chart:  Girl
Morning Sickness:  Girl
Hair condition: Girl
Complexion: Girl
Foot Temp:  Boy
Agreeing on a name: Girl

Putting the Girl total at eight (8) and the Boy total at one (1).   According all of these old wives tales, it looks like I should be thinking PINK.  Guess we will have to wait and see what this upcoming ultrasound has to say.

What do you all think of old wives tales?  Are they true for you?


  1. These are so fun. I know you are excited to find out what you are having!!

  2. I love these predictions! I think the heart beat one was the only one that was consistently right for me.

    1. For Bear, these were all over the place.

  3. Ooh exciting! The Chinese gender chart was right for all my babies. Can't wait to see what your baby is!

    1. I find it interesting what ones were true for people!


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