Friday, March 11, 2016

Easter and Spring Themed Children's Books

Like most holidays I like to incorporate some type of educational aspect without it seeming to obvious to Bear.  Books are an easy way to do this.  He loves reading and I want to encourage this for as long as I can.  Every year he gets at least one book in his Easter basket just like did growing up.  Here are things we own and love or books I'm waiting to arrive on my door step.


I think at least one book in spring should be about St. Patrick's Day.  Here is one I love.  This is a great book that is clearly over Bear's head.  Kids love the various antics that the leprechaun pulls on those who try to catch him.  I loved using this book in my classroom and I look forward to including it in my kids tot school/homeschooling experience when they get old enough to understand it.

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Duck and Goose are family favorites over here.  Bear loves them!  We have had the Easter book since he was a baby and he re-explores it every year.  This one I see sticking around for a while!  To  add to the series I picked up the colors book for Bears Easter Basket this year.  It's a great way to reinforce all the new colors that come with spring.

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Thumper is also a well loved series around here.  Bear asks to be read the Goodnight, Thumper book almost every night lately.  I knew I needed to add more books from this series to our home library.  So I picked up the next two books.  They are sure to be a hit!  Last up is the Easter themed book I will put in his Easter Basket.  

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For our family, spring means we get to spend more time outdoors.  After being cooped up indoors for the winter it's time to get out and explore.  Things like going to the park or even camping become more common for us.  Also Bear loves pups so Biscuit is an instant hit whenever he sees it.

These are our favorite Easter and Spring books.  What are yours?


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