Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Banned From My Home!


Obviously you have seen, read, or at least heard about the new Barbies that are being launched in 2016 by Mattel.  Normally, I would never share my opinions about this on here, but I am a bit fired up about it all after a conversation with a family member.  I was asked my opinion on the new dolls and the person did not like what I had to say.  Hence the huge debate it sparked.

I shared that I strongly believe that this is ridiculous.  I do not, nor have I ever had the perfect "Barbie" figure. I'm not sure I know more than one or two people in my life with that could even come close to it.  However, I never once thought to myself "I need to look like barbie."  Nor did I ever want to be physically like Her.  Barbies shape or size was irrelevant to me.

What I do remember is really wanting to be like Barbie in a sense that she could be anything and do anything.  She has no limits.  She had career after career regardless of gender stereo types.  If I wanted her to be a Stay at home mom she could be.  If I wanted her to be a doctor, simply put on the lab coat.  There was nothing that stopped her.   Not only could she do whatever job she wanted, she also had her own house, car and a killer wardrobe to boot!

Apparently, this was not good enough for some people today including said family member.  Mattel has now created Tall, Petite, and Curvy Barbie.  All with their own line of clothing and accessories.  For Mattel this is awesome.  New product + controversy = more profit.  For them it's a win win.  Parents who love the new ones will rush out to get it for there kids and those like myself will continue to pick up the original Barbie.  Either way there is more profit for Mattel.

"Why are you hating on the new Barbie? This is a great thing that girls can find a Barbie that looks like them.  That makes them feel beautiful regardless of what size they are." 

Please note I have no problem with the various skin tones, eye color, ethnicity, hair color, hair length, or anything like that.  My problem is entirely in the drastic changing of size (tall, petite, and curvy) from the original.  I'm OK with the small, minor changes they have made over the years, but not that they are trying to do with these new dolls.

Besides thinking they are useless, I have a few reasons why only the original Barbie (and her sisters) will ever enter my house.  The biggest reasons for my dislike of the new Barbie is that you are removing my main love of the doll, that she can be anything, and now focusing on what she looks like.  Something I genuinely don't think young girls are even thinking about when they play with Barbie.  Those that are focusing on her weight are adults.  However why have they not attacked dolls like the Bratz, Monster high, or even the Princess "barbie like" dolls.  I have not heard much if anything about how these dolls make girls feel.  What about the larger heads or extreme makeup of the Bratz dolls.  Do they make girls want big heads or try makeup?  In my opinion, the problem with weight and beauty come more from the Media more than any other source.  The cover of magazines, the tv shows, celebrities, and even musicians portray an altered sense of beauty that the majority can not live up to.  More than changing a doll the kid doesn't even notice is "skinny."

As a child I remember when I first got one of Barbies sister dolls.  I loved it instantly.  She came with two other outfits and that's all I ever got for her.  After all Barbie was main doll so her sister didn't need much accessories.  I clearly remember when I got upset (likely multiple times) over the simple fact that the tennis shoes her sister came with couldn't fit Barbie.  She had the high heel or on pointe feet and her sisters feet were flat.  I was so upset.  I didn't understand why she couldn't wear it.  No matter how many times my mom explained it to me I just didn't want to hear it.  The company has since changed this, but this small example doesn't fair well for the new barbie collection.  What is a mom to do when a child wants Curvy barbie to wear original Barbies clothing and they don't fit?  Sure supporters would say its the perfect opportunity to have a discussion with your child about everyone being different sizes.  However, is that really a conversation I want to have with a young child who likely isn't even thinking about size?  let alone her own size?  I don't remember ever caring about my size or how I looked in clothing around the time I played with barbies.  It's not a conversation I intend to have, drawing focus to something that doesn't need it.   This also means you need to purchase more if you want to have full wardrobe for every version verse being able to share if all are the same size as the original Barbie.

Then you have the whole aspect of gift giving.  I remember going to birthday parties and barbie was a big gift everyone got each other.  They still are today for young girls.  If a daughter of mine goes to a party and She wants to give a barbie, what do we get?  Do we get the tall one because the girl is tall?  Will the mom be insulted because her daughter is curvy and we bought the curvy doll?  Does the mom believe like me that this whole this is needless and the original barbie is just fine?  or the flip side, Does the girl want a petite barbie because it looks like her?  Honestly, it just a hassle that is not needed.  There are too many toes that could be stepped on with this.

I'll end here as I could go one even more about this since it was after all a two hour plus conversation.  Just know if you get any daughter of mine a Barbie doll, it better be the original or one of her little sister.  If you don't plan on it being returned.     


  1. Yes to the original barbies!!!

  2. Haha, yeah, I'm so sick of all this political correctness. Just keep the original Barbies.
    As a side note, I didn't care for Barbie as a child. Barbie was borrrring. I had the Bionic Woman. That *itch had a robotic arm and she fought crime along side the six million dollar man. I also liked Wonder Woman!

    1. I'm all for any daughter of mine being into super heroes or anything else she happens to like. I know I was!

  3. Original Barbie all the way! One of the best things about Barbie and her friends is they could share everything. These new ones, not so much. I really think it's adults putting out those "but Barbie is too perfect" lies because like you, I only saw how many amazing jobs Barbie has and thought it would be cool to do them too.


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