Super Bowl Offerings

This year we are heading to a Super Bowl Party.  We are not ones to go empty handed despite being told to.  The main items are covered so we are bringing a dip and two different desserts.  These are well-loved favorites of ours and those we serve them to.

First is our 7 layer dip.  Add some tortilla chips and you have my personal favorite football snack.

There are very, very few times that we don't bring a dessert to a party.  Why not bring two amazing addictive desserts with us.  Starting off with Apricot Bars.

For those looking for a little something extra rich, I made Cannoli Dip with nilla wafers.  I could eat this by the bucket full.

What are you making for the Super Bowl?


  1. Goodnight woman. Yes please to all this. I have wine; please bring it over. Lol

  2. 7 layer dip looks amazing! So does the cannoli one. We're having a low-key, family affair so we're just going to make regular food. :P

    1. If we weren't going anywhere we would do like wings and a much smaller 7 layer dip. Simple small and still a touch of the traditional football party food. Then again there have been many years we did nothing special (like last year) and that was fun too!


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