Thursday, February 11, 2016

Home Tour: Bears' Big Boy Room (phase 1)

Also known as the former Playroom.  We technically have a 5 bedroom house but there are only 3 bedrooms upstairs.  Our Bouns room downstairs will become the new "playroom" for all intensive purposes.  His old bedroom will become the nursery for the new baby.  So without further delay let's dive into his new room.  

We took a trip to IKEA to pick up his Kura Bed, canopy and mattress.  

Once home the assembly began.

We made the bed before putting together the canopy.

The whole time the rest of the room looked like this!  My anxiety was super high from the mess.

Once the bed was built we started cleaning the room out.  Things had to go to make it work.  
There will be even more changes that have to be made to get his dresser to fit, but that will be phase 2 of this move.

The train table needed to clean up quite a bit as there were track pieces everywhere.  I'm hoping that in simplifying it he will be less tempted to play with it in the middle of the night.

This area works for now but the dresser is going to have to fit in somewhere in this area.  Likely against the wall with the storage unit.

Between the train table and the hot wheels garage it leave little room for much else.  

I guess he likes it!


  1. It is looking great!! :) I bet he is loving it.

  2. Replies
    1. He is loving all the Paw Patrol stuff. I'm hoping the novelty of it doesn't fade until after he is sleeping in his own bed full time.


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