Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday and I thought I would share some of the things I am loving lately.  

Dr. Teals Epsom Salt in Lavender or Milk and Honey.  
This is a great way for me to relax after a stressful day! 
It also helps with the muscle aches that happen during pregnancy.

Bear's new bed.  
This was a much-needed task that's finally completed.  
Now to get him to stay in the bed.  Any tips?  

Target Runs Alone.  
Who doesn't love a Target run without a child and a cup of your favorite Starbucks drink?  
It's at the top of my list right behind the spa and extra uninterrupted sleep.  
While I was there I picked up these two paw patrol stuffed animals for Bear.  
He loves them despite the look on his face. 

New Body Pillow.  
I also picked up my new body pillow with some pretty pillowcases.  
They don't match our bedding, but I'm fine with that.  
Our bronze and truffle bedding could use a pop of color.

Plain Bagels.  
I'm obsessed with them right now. 
 I could care less if it's with just cream cheese or as a breakfast sandwich.  
It's something easy I can make and munch on regardless of how I'm feeling. 

What are your favorites lately?

I shouldn't have to add this, but I guess this needs to be said, 
this is NOT a sponsored post, nor is there any affiliate links in the post.
All Products were purchased with my own money.
They are simply something products or things I am loving.


  1. I am obsessed with my body pillow! It has been my saving grace.

  2. You and Military Husband would be fast friends. He loves a good breakfast sandwich! I made him one tonight. Xxoo

    1. They are so yummy! If only I could have a runny egg on it, it would be heaven!

  3. I love the paw patrol stuff, my kids would LOVE them!

    1. Bear loves the Paw Patrol pups! or any pups for that matter. He will lose his mind when we actually show him 101 Dalmatians.


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